Monday, August 2, 2010

Got nothen done day

It was one of them uncompleted day’s. Started with my servicing all the knives on the rotary-conditioner. They were a worn out mess. What knives I couldn’t turnover for new edges I replaced along with some of the hardware what holds them all together. When it got late into the noon hour I grabbed the empty feed wagon and took it home with me. Eating lunch I was informed I was taking boss lady to the doctor her short on breath, she was about to demand action. The afternoon Doctor’s office shot it was late when I was getting around to doing a required grind today. Well it was an idea anyway. The battery failed to even engage the started solenoid let alone thinking about turning over the starter. When all done cleaning connections, putting the charger on it, the charger began to heat up my pulling the plug just as quickly I could muster. That big charger acting up I put the little over night charger on it for a second opinion. Plugged in I’d seen the needle bury itself, the plugs in my hands I pulled them apart quicker than I had put them together. Seems this battery some ten/eleven years old had developed an internal dead short. No grain was ground this evening.
Backing Ugly back up to the clinic it seems the upper GI results hadn’t been sent to our Doctor. We also found a supposed lung specialist’s appointment hadn’t been made either. What we did get was an early Wednesday morning appointment for some limb tracking veins? Beats me what they’re going to do? Know what comes next.
It’s about 8:00 o’clock. Best I eat supper before it gets postponed. BGKC.
PS: For a lady in misery. My first thought, heaven forgive me, "And baby makes three." (smile to smiles to laughing out load)

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