Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tainted Eggs

How about this: Michigan not to be left out of anything: our governor’s deer pass their TB onto our domestic animals given a bovine name, we’ve got job losses and unemployment, mortgage foreclosures and homeless, and now tainted eggs and luckily nobody sick yet; butt, give us time. When I mentioned Michigan made the tainted eggs list, Frieda went off on a tangent. She knows a questionable egg when she sees one; plus, one uncompromised rule once an egg is cooked and cooked well it’s eatened right away. It isn’t put in the refrigerator to age. And, a some big AND’s, she cracks and opens her egg in an independent bowl before that egg goes into her pan or recipe. If that egg has something foreign to a healthy look its gone. If that egg does not hang together it’s gone. In her kitchen if its gone that’s as in thrown away! If this ain’t enough info, it’s all I remember of her dissertation.
My day I’d have gladly passed of to an enemy if I had one. My right eye so darn sore I went back to Doc with my sore eye. I’d put the patch back on it for any little breeze or heaven forbid a wind blowing on it, irritating it. Doc looked and saw nothing in particular under the eye lid, save for a few scratches on the pupil. Seeing nothing more, Doc got me an instant appointment with an eye specialist using a big-a ten-power magnifying glass. More eye lid manipulations he confirmed my Doc’s suspicions, simply scratches that’ll take time to heal. Meanwhile, I’ve been loaded for bear with almost three months supply eye drop antibiotics, at 1-2 drops in the eye four times a day, I shouldn‘t even get an infection in my adenoids.
Raymond calling me he’s gonna do the hero thing and go bale. A little while later he calls the baler isn’t working right. I can believe that. When he gets through tinkering with we’ll be able to fix it all over again. Its odd how it’s worked fine for me all summer and is supposedly falling apart for him. Well, by the time I got back and a ride out to the field the baler again worked just fine for me. Most importantly one most have patients with this machine as with some others. Seems most my brother’s problems with machinery he pushed the faster than they can handle the work loads. I’ve found and to often forget, dropping as much as a single gear is all it takes to avoid plugs o even other minor irritations. Oh well, that ground’s crop is baled. Then I went down the road to mow another field of sudex. Now this crop so healthy and full I dropped the same tractor I had used on the last crop three gears for this last one. In that gear the tractor was bordering on boiling over. I had worked it.
Getting home 7:30 PM I'm nearing exhaustion. Trying t take my medications I’m called out to solve a wrapper problem, and there was one. Talk about operator error, the wrapper had unbelievably skipped a bale. It’d be 9:30 PM before I got to my supper. I’m note gonna say what somebody should have done instead of wasting ALL OUR times. Ugly still isn’t fixed! BGKC.

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