Saturday, August 21, 2010

I been missing

Catching up won’t be easy. So sorry about your loss Dan. Loop may be managing an ART VAN Furniture outlet in the north woods. Mike’s kicking fledglings out of the nest. Bob’s washing down cake with booze. Gerrit’s another year older. Somebody’s keeping worms in her coffee while shop lifting. Rosie’s rightfully letting mike do all the work. Jim’s taking his Bug to blacksmith school to learn how to handle a bellows. Sid isn’t raising any dust. Zippy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tac’s inventorying bridges for the straight and narrow. RP’s Jim is winding clocks, and a Kyote is helping him whine. Ron likes traffic. And mostly it ain’t easy catching up to the behind.
Now back to me. (conceited smile and laughing) So much has gone wrong this morning its been like being caught between a rock and a hard place. I’ve had nothing except bad luck all morning long. I feel as though I been caught on a flat rock getting bashed in some manner one way or another. Instead of Shorthorn country this morning I feel as though I had been living and doing it on flat rock, at flat rock. My morning had gone something like this.
First off it had rained last night. Secondly Barry had twice/thrice in last night’s conversation promised to be here this morn between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. Thirdly Barry neglected to show up. So forthly, I started my morning out on shanks mare. I had to have the WD45 brought home and the inverter removed. That taken care of I hooked onto wood hauler taking it out to the vicinity of the western pet cemetery to clean it out throwing the brush of sweeping the bark and dirt off. On my way back home again I checked fences and eventually had given the western most pasture chunk to the ladies. That’ll keep them bust for a couple days. Finally back up in the farmyard I threw my orange plastic pallet in the hauler and I was off for the elevator. Supplements loaded a tarp thrown over my load to keep the bags dry I come home again to drop the hauler so’s to take off again for the empty feed wagon.
Somewhere in here my Brother shows up. I’d been busy a couple hours already and he’s giving me the impression he’s going to take over, quizzing my all manner of questions? “You got this?” “You got that?” I didn’t appreciate his interference and told him so, “I got it under control.” My problem, and it is my problem, once I start something in my mind any interruption and I’m likely going to have trouble with my short time memory leaving an important step out. Damn-it, Once I’ve started something, leave me alone. He left. Thank God. The same God I have trouble believing in.
The grind was going straight enough until he come sneaking back. My used to to doing this grinding thing alone I have my methods of doing things. Like I’ve got a leftover stage brace I use for steering the first chute into loading place from the supply wagon into the grinder mixer. I had also mastered the use of that same brace lifting the wagon cover over the discharge chute to keep my grind dry on days like this. Yup her was watching. Then when I had taken to move the loaded feed wagon away being watched I fifth placed destroyed that feed wagon’s discharge chute almost beyond recognition running it into another tractor‘s tire. Arrggghhhh!!!!!. Sixthly, my backing the Leland and grinder back down to the barn I backed the grinder-mixer into the barn door damn near knocking the loading elevator right off the machine. Arrggghhhh!!!!! I just barely made the elevator’s pivoting attitude just right going back together. It could have been worse. Seventhly, I had done a fine job breaking the barn door. Arrggghhhh!!!!! Having enough of enough I hollered at my Brother to go home and leave me alone. He did so without argument. That was his best big help of the day. Meany-while, I’ll be ashamed of myself later!
No time to make a complicated fix to the barn door I beat it into submission with a big freaking sledge hammer to fit the barn opening so’s it’d close and lock tight. The chute on the other hand needed I wrenched with the help of a torque amplifier and beating on it with a small freaking hammer into at least a workable sick looking bit of an ugly chute. I’ll make with a couple better fixes another day when the weather’s drier than it is today. Right about then it was lunch time.
Lunch eatened I was going to take my chances working on Ugly. That was right up to the first discouraging pouring down rain. That settled that. I wasn’t gonna crawl under no ugly truck rain water running down the drive way washing my backside chilled to the bone while supporting three helpful cats sitting on my chest. I had had enough troubles for one day.
I took in-stead to finishing up my book. Some five hours later….. Halleluiah! It’s all finished! I find a wrapper. Take it to the post office to pay the freight. I want to get it out Monday, Tuesday, the latest to my publisher. I’ve got so much excitement coursing through my veins I’m feeling like a teenager again. Well, in mind anyway.
It’s if I can only find that one simple little cause causing Ugly to drive me nuts. Theeen there’s getting the Cushman re-powered with its engine strengthened. and what about if I can only find those few precious moments to finish the azzkicker containment vessel and set it out to work for its keep! And I need to find a little extra time to order or find those extra industrial parts, I don’t have, I need for Winter building the quadracycle.
Oh balderdash, For something lacking to busy me any more tonight, I’m turning in. BGKC.

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