Monday, August 9, 2010

Humid kind

No dew here this morning. As near a sure Mother Nature’s sign it’ll rain today as a body may see.
Waiting out my rattlers for breakfast I’ll shortly be off and running. I’ll be making hay baling what I may before it rains here. Ah yes, the joys of farming. Truth is, we need the rain, provided it is worthwhile. The pastures can sure use an H2O
One more observation…..
Darn it when I was needing my eye glasses yesterday I reached for and put them on. For hours I had thought my sight was seriously failing, my blaming my short sight condition up on mistakenly missed taking my rattling medication the evening before. Oh, the Saints have preserved me, my finding I was using Frieda’s cheaters yesterday. They fit her better this morning than they have for some time. Trying as I may-ed all day yesterday I had to continually adjust the bows until they stayed upon my ears without swinging wide and falling off my face. Whew, wonderfully my sight has been saved…….
Lawdy, lawdy, it’s 2:00 PM, I been baling hay since 8:00 AM. First the Sudex because wrapping it is the only way to preserve it tender and juicy. Rain threatening ever harder initiating some scattered rain drops for encouragement I also baled the alfalfa high in moisture content for haylage rather than taking a chance of loosing it to rain and mildew. Then there’s the hauling all this in and wrapping it. The second cell nearing it’s competition it be time to start another new one. A right after lunch activity. The only high volume hay wagon we’ve got has two tires loosing air. I guess its time to replace them all (in three sizes an three brands) for one brand same size dependable all the way around tires.
Then it was time to carry on, will wagon tires hold air long enough to deliver last four bales down the road. I’m gone again…..
….short on air I skipped loading the last four bales upon the only standard styled hay wagon. It’s parked now just yards from the shop where all the tire changing will take place.
Ready for a crazy animal story?
Katy an attractive bottled red head just down the road given found four orphaned raccoons discovered after the mother had been shot dead are alive, thriving, and doing well. Katy has the responding to her calls. All four of them named she knows which is which witch is beyond me. The banditoed four free each day the daylight hours they come called come in on their own each evening housed in their night time sleeping cage.
Yesterday the bred heifers and two cows with calves at foot gathered under the shade of a box-elder’s shade huddled for their common protection form flying insects. It had come to pass the baby raccoons feeling their oats snapped pieces of limbs, twigs, branches of the box-elder’s canopy and threw them down on the Heifers to not only get their attention but their goats well. When the raccoons did come down one particular bull calf his curiosity getting the best of him came forward to near nose to nose inspect one raccoon. What followed the raccoon ran, the calf right behind it for a ways. Then stopped short turning around another raccoon joining in the fun, two raccoons chased after that bull calf. This chasing each others went on for some time, including both calves and all four the raccoons, until all had become tired of the critter/varmint newly initiated sniff, run, chase and tag games.
Incredible the ability of domestic and wild animals getting on and playing together in the same yard.
Down the road after lunch Ugly started acting up. Grand! Missing and carrying on just as if it were out of gasoline. I switched tanks and made the shop’s farm yard. Knowing I might better gas Ugly the flat tired hay wagon behind I drive out on the road making only a couple hundred yards down the road. Curses! It walk back for a can of gas time.
While I was over to the crossroads gassing up I stopped by the supermarket for milk, pop and more pop, petroleum jelly for Frieda’s nose, and a couple other things. Then hit the filling station again for the other side’s saddle tank. I’m finding that tank only delivers a few gallons fuel (6 gallons this last time) and acts as thought it’s empty. Now here’s a head scratchier if I’ve ever created one?
The weather had been anything less than ideal today. The off and on sprinkles all day keeping my mind full if false doubts, if I may put it that-a-way? A pickup with a wide open cargo box has no place under cover to stow only so much, be it duds, tools, feed, groceries. Pickup gassed up twice stopping by the shop the bale wrapper required moving start and run another line. Started rain when we went back up the road four the last for bales. By time we go back the plastic wrap wet there was no point carrying on wet plastic don’t stick. Done, I come home. On arrival home, all depending whether Herr Clink likes her tator chips crispy, damp, or out and out soggy. She needed to dry some of her TV snacks depending how she liked’em. The best shower lasted about an hour forcing me inside by a 6:30 PM. Felt good to sit down knowing I was going to hustle some come bundle and packaging our trash for tomorrow’s pickup.
Specking of trash somebody dumped some along side the road going into the Sudex. Okay, I picked out a couple plastic bags. That was all. This morning there was a another third donation. Thinking about them I think I know from where they had come and I can just picture the goings on in that kitchen over this trash. Actually what had been dropped off were the uneatened corn shocks, cobs and some corn still on the cob cobs. I can just visualize grandma getting into her grandson’s minds asking where were the plastic bags they had carried the leaving out in had gone? I can’t help but smile and laugh within myself. She’s one neat freak kind of a lady one not to putting up with spreading trash.
When/after I baled these areas, come next winter a lady or two are going to find her kind of a corn candy treat. Heaven bless them.
Might know? The clock has sneakily slipped a quarter hour past my bed time. Good Night. BGKC.