Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eight to Eight….

…‘s’enough for me this day. 1st off the deck I left the house my right eye under the customary black dressy accessory for the look. Freely delving into the 1st chore on the day’s menu, Barry and I worked putting Ford loader-hoe’s choke back together. Remember somebody had liked to rip the whole thing out of the tractor’s dash.
The Ford oiled and lubed (a job considering its loaded with zerk fittings) 2nd task on the menu was dig up a barnyard water line to queer a spring like leak making an unappreciated great lake. Me digging I managed to nearly rip out a four foot chunk water pipe. An electric wire also I the wrong place at the same time spliced easily today. The water on the hole open I‘ll check it tomorrow for sure enough no further leaking. Then let Bro‘ fill it in with the JCB so he‘s had an opportunity to play with it also. And, then it was lunch.
Getting into the 3rd chore of the day was involved. The hay baling and loader tractors both needed fuel Greene’s (new to us Chevy) been baptized today with assorted gasoline and diesel fuel can toting’s. To make transition easier Barry helped me move the equipment down the road. I only wish he hadn’t parked the JD in the goldenrod stand rimming the entire hayfield. I’m allergic to that stuff. Well, I baled until the tractor shadows had started leaning into the next township. Dealing with one small plug it wasn’t a bad afternoon this crop so heavy I baled it at the breakneck speed of one and one half mile per hour, using second gear low. The field only seven acres I’ve been rolling from six to seven bales per round.
So this was another one of my precious day’s lived in Shorthorn country. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Are you sure you did all that? I mean, your vision was impaired. Maybe you just THOUGHT you did all that.