Saturday, August 21, 2010

8-20-2010 The Day After

Yesterday was one of the fullest I’ve recently had. Even over full maybe? It’s the morning after and I’m sitting here relaxing for a few moments thinking about what I have to do, need to do, can do, want to do, and the recurring thought I had lost a tractor leaving it where I found I’d parked it. Yup, my mind is obviously slipping. No doubt about it.
The house closed up against the outside dampness; my eyes are itching and watering, my nose is running and I feel as if I could easily sneeze my head off. What, what is this? Nose tissues stand no chance of lasting long here!
Coming out of the house the cussed Ugly truck refused to start for me again. Even trying my under dash wires nothing good happened. Aggravated no end, I calmly put the small charger on it. Then went to farm work shop on the Polaris Ranger.
Once there I finally pressed the timing gear off the old Cushman crank and commenced to put it on the new crank. Of all the dumb stunts I damaged the shiny brand new Cushman crank. Bro’ looking at it found a solution, so the damage may be taken care with some more careful proper handling. Whew!!!!
Bro’ bringing me home for lunch and then drifting off someplace to pick up equipment parts and/or materials I commenced to participate in his making me endure the wait game. A phone call coming in, from Sue, I was offered a ride anyplace I needed to go so long as it was to see Doc for his follow up exam my eye. Pleased with his work he and I had missed proper etiquette, bid me good bye. You think that was easy? Think again, myself being amiss, with proper introductions. Sue introduced herself to Doc as my Mistress. That near folded him up he knowing better, but he enjoyed the laugh. };^)) Sheesh! Hard as I try to get in and out of his office. Just lately he’s almost replaced his whole office staff. Thankfully he's kept the same ol' office manager, his wife. As the rest; I've not gotten these three new ladies in my pocket yet. Could be an up hill trek one of them. While in a friendly manner, One, she has it in for me where I’m concerned. Waiting my turn these gals paying no attention to keeping appointments, they wasted two and one half hours my valuable time this haying time of year. This irks me! Reprogramming these new girls I’m getting nowhere along with no hand holding.
Finally under way we stopped by a rural auto parts place for me a heavy duty toggle switch and a starter button. I gotta do something even if its wrong.
Oh how I do like timely requests, like this afternoon somebody told me they had needed another one of my grinds at least two days ago. I’m considering the whole day a wasted bit of time without my wheels and the all manner of “It’s your fault!” suggestions becoming more than monotonous to my callused ears day after day.
One more thing I need to do is write myself out a Cushman parts list to stuff in my pocket for next times offered ride offer, “Can I take you anywhere?” How does one measure a fan belt? Another thing, as hard as it is to put the starter in or take out of that Cushman motor, should I have the starter overhauled?
I think I may have to bale hay tomorrow. Enough at that to keep me busy for hours. I found out who broke the Ford loader-backhoe. That machines status is a troubling one.
Eyes getting back to normal it already nearing bed time an sleep it seems is one of my less damaging pursuits. BGKC.


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