Saturday, August 21, 2010

8-18-2010 “Happy Birthday Brother!”

For a half assed family Holiday
The I’s have it. I slept good last night. My eye and the area around fells so tender. I’m now just letting nature take its course in healing. I’ve already experienced my first wrestling match opening what feels like one sore eye lid for my day’s first eye drops. For all the vegetation taken out of my eye using my work and living area’s genre my feels as if Doc had used rototiller loosing it. :^))
I still haven’t made up my mind what I’m going to do today. So Many Choices what requiring done. Arrggghhhh!!!!! There’re no day’s off on a farm. Personally, I’d like to nap out this visual aggravation.
A few minutes more and I may breakfast and hit the outdoor’s day head on. Please Mr. Custard I really don’t want to go. One task sure! I don’t feel like crawling under the overhead dirt covered mower-conditioner to replace the skid plates. I also don’t feel like replacing the Hydraulic hose on the same machine‘s PTO driven hydraulic pump.*
In neighborhood passings there’s been a couple/three more foreclosures.
I’m sorrily disappointed in one interviewed individual, on TV, who’s got a good job out of these foreclosures, hired to go house to house to clean, and otherwise spiff up these house for resale. It’s all so sickening, disheartening.
Hmmm. For shop sit down job, rather than pulling that gear of the crankshaft maybe I can push the crankshaft out of that gear. Well it’s an idea anyway as compared to what needs doing out side.
Oh Oh! Doc said no TV for a couple three days. He likely meant this thing also…. (grrr) So what? I cheat! Bye…
What a screwed up day. And it doesn’t help when a lendee does an incredibly dirty deed to you and say nothing about it let alone making it right. They just had to borrow the Ford loader-backhoe. I advised against it, but off it went anyway. I had also warned the boss as to what might surely happen. Having to put the mower-conditioner back together this morning cause it was blocking the way to the far end’s hay-yard. *Yup, I did it anyway. That finally taken care of and my taking it down the road to park it out of the way, we could finally get around to finishing the hauling and wrapping the hay I had work last night. Raymond with Chip’s help loaded out a first load. While they were gone I had to have the loader tractor to feed these guys out here. On my way home one of the loader’s hydraulic cylinders blew a seal. Okay we’ll go get the ford for my feeding needs. That’s when we discovered the machine was carelessly parked listing badly off the top of a hole one side of it was in with a flat driver tire. It’s all I can do to contain myself hanging on to my cool. To have said nothing nor done nothing, I’m livid. May the spirits of Justice calm me down. Such a low down dirty trick bugging us to borrow the machine and then not only carelessly but also thoughtlessly in such a low manner.
Near hurting There was one more tractor left. Both of us prepared to find ourselves in tinkering doo-doo. I for one was pleasantly surprised to have the old 1850 gasser started right up without hesitation for me. I had checked the oil, walked about the tractor looking for leaks, and gassed it up for it still had the old high lift fixed to it’s three point lift. Just goes to show you an enterprise just plainly can’t have to many Olivers around. My ladies have been fed.
While Raymond checked the parts book, found he had to have this JD’s loader serial number for correct parts I was, my unknowing it off or the parts a half day’s journey from here the only JD dealer to have such needed parts in this corner of the state, I commenced to remove the cylinder. Fun, fun, fun, I needed a couple things from the shop: a heavy sized brass punch, a hardened ¼” punch, and off all things I grabbed for a rust penetrant I picked up WD40. Surprise, it worked and worked well. The cylinder lies resting in Ugly’s cargo box as I write.
So much going on today I’ve lost tract. You might like this one. It was for another thing, my eye so uncomfortable I wanted an eye patch to cover it up shield it from the hard light, the annoying fuzzy gray sight in front of it, unable to find one over at the Crossroads, I gave up. I wasn’t feeling up to even a partial par to drive into a Flint suburb. Raymond understanding my discomfort took off and returned with a patch. Under cover me and my eye are much happier. My working in the light of a sunny day, my I tagging alone sleeping behind it’s patch. I understand the patch could have been purchased cheaper had I gotten the whole outfit, my Maties. BGKC.
PS: I’ve put my check in the mail to a foreign country for my much needed AC hay-rake manual. Wow! The postage was something else.

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