Thursday, August 5, 2010

I’m gonna bore…..

I’ve about reached my limit. Here how it goes under this writing. I participate on a couple chat boards during my farm summer, that’s it! When late Fall’s snows and Winter sets in I often broaden my chat forum participations. Face it, long Winter nights I’ve more evening play time. Okay! The first part of my rant out of the way here comes the gist of this rant.
I had taken up the key board into my lap (This my way of relaxing) and proceeded to type in a board comment, thread, entry, post, whatever another individual may want to call it. Nearing completion with a lengthy comment I must have mistakenly bumped another keyboard key or a mouse button and lost everything including my identity. My slate was whipped clean. So here it is. I’m starting all over again and when I’ve finished I’ll cut and past it where I had originally had tried to post it. So if I’m read duplicated? Tough! Live with it!!!
Having an ornery Ugly’s family participation once again after a month’s pampered hiatus, yesterday we hit the road with a fervent determination to do for ourselves. The first do was getting Frieda to another medical appointment. Frieda balked until I was determined to go shopping her appoint taking us miles on our way.
Finally on the road her limb imaging appointment display no unofficial admoralities. I too her out to eat, then seriously hit the road making at least, at-least, a dozen stops. I’ll have my reader know I’m a hunter, no gather. I know what I want and that is blind sided to any environment about me, tunnel visioned I go for what I am after. That’s it, period! There’s no comparison shopping, nada, zip, I’m in and out! Thus my shopping doesn’t take long. It’s more liking pick-up and deliver. All told we made no less than eight stops covering some sixty/seventy miles in all of five hours.
This house looks like a warehouse boxes and packages piled high down through the center our domicile. At present’s best I’ll find or make a nook or cranny to stow these products until I’ve the time to properly deal with them. Products for Ugly, our amusement, for the house, and for filling the belly out! On top of all this running I managed to mow about twelve acres alfalfa to bale tomorrow or next day. Coould I’ll be cutting, baling, trucking of course and wrapping some.
This morning I’ve a fountain to re-anchor, sudex (big hay) to mow. Haying season is on its second wind and there’s no free time for anything else done without a rain day. Plus I’ve got to shop (call) around for an Ugly part rumored or even destined unavailable?
Re-anchoring the ladies fountain was no fun. To much supervision, to many busy bodies sticking their noses into everything, under an unappreciated hot sun. And the lot of them deciding their thirsty when I’ve taken things apart. One stud broken off, here saved, haven’t decided how to fix the broken one as of yet. Have got three studs and nuts holding the thing down so far. Maybe a die used on remains the broken stud may let me us it? And wouldn’t a body know it I’ve got tools out I didn’t even need and up comes a shower to wet everything down. That cool as fast as it had arrived it was gone just as fast.
While I haven’t cried, while I hadn’t pouted, been naughty altogether nice, during the fountain’s fixing Santa Clause brown stopped by and left me a big box of Cushman engine rebuilding goodies. Oh boy, more toys to play with. Goody, goody, goody!!!
Finished here I returned to shop, picked up tools, put tools away, sorted parts for Ugly’s use’ finished filling oil bottles. Put some junk in a scarp bucket. I hate cleaning up the shop. The place looks like it has gotten a long ways, away from us.
Come morning it’s gonna be a left turn out of driveway to pick up new fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. My thought is if the new fuel pump doesn’t take care of the excessive fuel pup pressure I’ll have the regulator for back up. Additional parts include front drive shaft “U” joints. A couple bolts with springs to go with them for a heavy spring loading the exhaust pipe’s donut seal to the exhaust manifold. A spring loaded gasketed joint ought to allow for some flexing and continued sealed under spring loaded pressure. without the goofy seal disintegrating within another year, hopefully.
There’s more to write if I could only remember. Time to shut it down. BGKC.


Donna said...

Fern, I appreciate you so much. Especially for the fact that you understand cows. Most people just see them as steaks on hoof. You and I see them as people. Actually, we see them as better than a lot of people we know. They aren't complicated; they don't ask much more than a full belly and an occasional sexual pleasure.
That's what you and I have the MOST in common. I think maybe Paula is in our group, too.

Paula said...

Love those cow people!