Saturday, August 14, 2010

N0 plan needed

Just to keep life interesting some cows went out for a walk at dusk last might. Their adventures curtailed by a neighbor, they were shown the error for their ways along with their way back., Back home where they belonged I temporaried the fence I had to fix today. I also have to make that alternative wire harness for Ugly, and haul hay home over the next couple rainy days. Then we’re supposed to have four or five dry days all in a row. I’ll make those days some serious hay making days.
Took some more of the Cushman engine apart this AM right up until It required another power washing for removing the bolts to next split the crankcase. When I had enough of that I moved on.
Foretold I’ll have to grind again tomorrow I brought supplements home from the elevator. And, had a make shift lunch raiding the icebox for some of this’n’that munchables. Then I was on my way to make a second fix on that property line fence. Darn it, dumb me Looking over Ugly’s cargo ox this evening I didn’t see the fence stretcher. I know where I left it. Right in the fence. Oh well, I pick up the bigger fence post driver come morning I’ve a couple more fence posts to drive anyway. I take it out of the fence than. Besides I’m thinking I’m, only good for a couple driven fence post’s a day.
I hit the road today Ugly wonder of wonders drove easily today. I managed to bring home two loads. I’d have gone for one more load had ugly not gotten notional. I don’t want to be out after dark with a stubborn truck. The hay-yard looking healthier here I called it a day. I was tired anyway. I did my chores here and just down the road. That was it, took my rattlers and relaxed a couple hours for supper. Fro some reason I’m feeling hungry. A half a musk melon a cold hotdog and three cookies may no been enough lunch., ya think?
Going on 6:00 PM, I’m feeling over heated, slimy, and wrung out, not to mention brain dead. Now I’m more than ready for a nap.
Supposed to rain today. Got a few drops off and on all day wetting nothing and not enough to even clean the windshield let alone streak it. An inch of rain about 25 miles north of us compared to our categoried zip. BGKC.


Paula said...

Seems there is always a fence to mend when you have cattle but I think the deer and the wild hogs cause more problems here then the cows.

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