Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy fun filled day

In the shop early, I try taking a timing gear off the old Cushman crankshaft, only to destroy my one and only gear puller sized for just such a task. Balderdash!
Cushman parts Photobucket
I turned to taking some more of the mower-conditioner apart for ease of welding needed repairs. To remove some stubborn nuts and bolts I ground and chiseled some, some more I used the blue tipped torch to cut them off. A good time was had by all, me!
The M-C taken apart the parts awaiting individual fixing I turned to Ugly’s refueling problem. I single sheet of card board rather than the customary corrugated kind. I thought it good giving me more room to work under truck.
Ugly preparations Photobucket
Here gathered all the tools I thought I’d need I laid them out before sliding down under. Once I had slid under Ugly I found if I were to shorten the vertical height of the vertical part of the rubber fill tubing I’d be smaller in diameter. I could see I’d never get the hose back onto the gas-tank neck. I immediately went to the ever standard all American standard plan “B.” A few moments later problem solved I had slipped a 2 ½” x 3” x 8” hardwood block between the truck bed and the fill tube lowering that fill tubes entry for gassing Ugly.
Finished modification Photobucket
How’s this for a “Red Neck” repair.
A full fun filled morning coming to a close, I had to go home for keeping Frieda’s medical appointment with a lung specialist. A neighbor taking us, starting out early we had arrived right on time. Filling out pages and pages, telling it a tech, re-answering all the questions we had answered on those pages. Doc gave her a sample product with instructions to use to it’s end. Plus he’d written her another script she wanted me to pick up. Only it wont be there until tomorrow.
Now, why the heck couldn’t the drug store call and tell us that instead of my wasting my time and gasoline to go all the way over there to get nothing for it!!! (grrrr)
Whooppee! I’ve got all manner of parts to put back together and make fix the M-C. Got that to do as well as bale the sudex I had cut yesterday. If I’ve time mow some more hay somewhere. Gosh and I’d like to get some ime in on that damnable stubborn gear on old crankshaft. BGKC.