Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday what’s its

TGIF…err…Sunday. I don’t have to get my trash gift wrapped and out tonight. It’s quarter of six and my morning’s get up and go has done gone bye-bye and went!
Parked Ugly in front of shop to cool down after drive there. Have almost completely taken the Cushman engine apart. I remover the old crank timing gear from old crank to the new crank and reassembly will have started. Almost everything is washed. Now wondering if I should maybe find an old laundry tub for soap and water washing up all my Cushman’s parts. It is one way sure to remove all the grit and dirt that accumulates where it can’t be seen, then rinse and blow dry. Final cleaning, whipping done all parts with super clean rags using a lacquer thinner cleanser. Okay, I took the crank case apart this morning.
Cushman worked on I turned some my morning’s time towards Ugly adding more wires under the hood and dash. Now when I climb in my leaning over to my right I look like a lost two-bit hoodlum hot wiring a derelict truck. Can’t wait until a cop sees me doing this seeking an explanation as to what I’m doing and can I prove it?
Frieda ain’t’ preparing nothen it was what I could easily find what wasn’t moving in the icebox to eat; a piece of musk melon, a cold dog stuck inside drying bun, and a quart of cold tea. So much to do I was off. I had to grind today, when that was finished it was delivered. Then it was off next door to retrieve my fence stretcher I had left in the fence. I also picked up some more tools I had forgotten I used. Through some of my day Barry joined me for a little bit easing some my lifting burdens for me. And he was company also driving and wiring into this fence a couple driven new posts.
Morning duties caught up between two and three I hit the alfalfa field with the old mower-conditioner finishing its mowing with eight rounds. From there I took the newer rotary conditioner some miles north and a little west to break in another Sudex field. I hit this one with eight rounds giving me plenty room on head lands for turn a-rounds. Leaving that field rode the Polaris Ranger Barry had brought out for me. On my way home I check on another Sudex field. And when I was back in my neighborhood I checked on tomorrow’s ride into the city for another Frieda’s medical appointments. Home I put Ranger in barn in the Cushman’s place. Wait until the Cushman hears about this?! Bottom line I was pooooooped. I’d had enough of this day. TGIS, I don’t have to handle any trash tonight. Cussed Ugly still unreliable. This late in the day I passed on going after another load of hay. Besides, enough is enough, even if under more pleasant circumstances it is a scenic drive. I wonder if I might get Doc to prescribe me a whole gallon that steroid stuff for s wee bit more muscle, and maybe a barrel some kind-a energizing go juice. BGKC.

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