Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The fences working’s less than stellar sundown last, I’ve just gotten back in from finding the faulty wire. I told Frieda, “You were of no help to me out there.”
“How’d I been a help?” she asked.
“Well,” told her, “You could have pointed out the problem!”
Please note how I share responsibility.
Luckily, well rested, I found it in one walk around. This short would had never been found from the seat of anything comfortably ridden in stead my having to walk it. Worst part the whole walk I didn’t see a single varmint of any kind of or sort.
Checked on any one of the carburetors supposedly coming. (disappointment personified, or nuts) Not one had shown up again.
Back in the house, Frieda’s cleaning up again our getting ready to go for her lower GI. Myself having been a-field tending to the ladies, I simply put on a shirt I wasn’t coming out of. Hairs brushed, her bag packed, a shopping list in my pocket, we waited our ride.
Another more recent event, I talked to some folks walking past the house evening last. I had asked them if they could help us out with a rid now and then. They were delighted. Told me just ask in time giving them time.
Putting it my way…..they’re free any day of the week except Friday through Wednesday…..They are taking me to the bank, Post Office, and UPS Thursday. };^))
On the way out the door my right eye bothering me I put that mystical black patch back on over my eye before leaving home.
Well, we made it to Frieda’s medical appointment and back in good order. Doc didn’t find anything excitingly difficult wrong with her but wants to see her again in two years.
I got to tell you our lady driver is impressive the way she wheels her one ton extended cab dually through traffic like it were a Checker Cab. I wonder if she’s learned to drive in the streets of Chicago, Illinois.
Stopping off at Meijer’s Thrifty Acres on the way home I got the meagerest of groceries, An original factory ink module for my printer this time. No more them refills for me. What a waste of money. That refilled recycled vessel leaked ink out all over everything and only printed what IT felt like.
Frieda home and settled in I found a ride to finish hay baling a field’s cut Sudex. About half way done The baler quit. Upon examination a rock only a mite larger than a golf ball had taken out one of the drive chains. Taken to the shop it took awhile to find enough parts to repair. That chain now as four master links holding it all together. I must remember to purchase some new chain one of these day’s.
Bro’ finally coming out having studied the manual and called the dealer for a hydraulic fluid leak cause. With an understanding over what we were doing we soon had it repaired from an assortment of some such “O” ring kits I had purchased some years ago.
Checking my mail, my AC hay rake manual hasn’t come yet. I wonder if it got caught up in customs with the FBI, the CIA, PETA, the AARP, and the HOME Board examining it for espionage content. Originally printed in the states it should not have any trouble coming back home from where it had originally started out. But, who knows? Having checked the mal, coming in I removed the eye patch, Te eye feeling better the patch had worked its magic for me another day.
Having a cussed fly bugging me I asked Her Mostess to swat it. When she finally got around to swatting it I think she missed the fly but soundly got me a good one just the same. I mentioned it and she jollily remarked, “That was alright. She admitted she was at least having some fun for her effort!” (crazy sadistic woman) {;^)) How long does it take for the red mark to go away?
Being I didn’t finish all I had intended to do today, the day was full just the same. Oh Lawd, As wide as I’m yawning I had better call it a night. There are just only so many hours I may put in in a day. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Frieda must have thought that one large fly if it left a red mark on you. I bet she has been wanting to do that for a long time.