Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixed Blessings

If you’ve read me, you'd know what kind of days I've had these last week‘s day‘s. Greene coming into our lives. Haying machines working in spite small ailments. Hay field’s production finished yesterday was so high I haven’t had enough education to count that high. Ground speeds so slow so’s baler could handle the intake I thought at times I might been going at it backwards. Bottom line I’m glad that field’s done. Got one more Sudex field, two 2nd cut 50/50 field‘s, one 2nd cut field clover, one 2nd cut field grass, and one 3rd cut alfalfa field yet to go. The alfalfa field I’ve got to cut 21 days before or after first serious frost. My eye’s slowly but surely getting better. And I’ve got a whole bureau drawer full of new shirts.
I’ve been telling my frau to quit hiding our wooden spoon. Actually she’s been repeatedly putting it away where she keeps it. During this hot weather I’ve been drinking two individually stirred cold teas by the quart to quince my thirsts. Now it is I’ve given into another one the modern ways, I’ve purchased instant ice tea mix. Even so I still like the use of the wooden spoon so’s I don’t bruise the delightful flavors I’d eventually chugalugged past my waiting taste buds. For today’s lunch I enjoyed a couple eggs Frieda had watched sink before she had hardboiled them. For the one bad egg what had floated she threw that one away. With those eggs I enjoyed some farm fresh cottage cheese and some very tasty tomatoes out of the ever busy loopy acre's estate’s kitchen garden. Of course a hard boiled egg can not be enjoyed to the utmost fullest without lots of salt and even more pepper. Cottage cheese also needs extra plenty covering of pepper to add that zany zest a bland helping of boiled eggs and cottage cheeses need for my tastes. (grin)
All the hay’s in the yards, daylight left I went to shop to work on Cushman. Picked up tools, emptied buckets, consolidated oils, put proper trash in feed sack trash bags for trash pickup, and fixed Greene’s tailgate so’s the latch handle mechanism worked. Greene’s tailgate in good working order, now I can remove the capper. I think I’ll add a molded black plastic tool box to Greene right behind the cab with a couple baskets so’s I’ve a place to put a few farmer needed things.
Well, I’ve come to the end of another splendid shorthorn country day. Its getting onto that time I best rest up for another one tomorrow. BGKC.

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Donna said...

I'm making cottage cheese as I read this.