Sunday, August 22, 2010

childish doings…..

……What do a railroad sock and two buttons have in common?
Many, many years ago having some difficulty communicating with a child daughter I had an idea. Having an orphan railroad sock taking up space in my sock drawer I asked Frieda to have that girl pick two buttons from the button tin and sew them onto that sock a couple inches up from the toe. For me Frieda looked at kind-a funny like, “Two buttons on a sock’s toe?” No time to ‘splain I had to go to work.
That evening Frieda giving me my buttoned sock when daughter come walking by my wearing said sock on my hand a portion of that sock’s toe tucked into the palm of my hand. Throwing my voice I called out her name. Having her attention she came back to the talking sock. I was thrilled as was she. I was making my sock talk and my girl had a magic sock talking just to her alone. What an idea, sock and daughter communicating. Theoretically I kept my mouth shut. My not interfering I found an easy way to talk to a shy child, a worried child, a sorry child. It was amazing how she’d talk to my (that) sock when she’d otherwise ignored or avoided me. That sock was of another identity. Another more trusted go between each child could dump on. It wasn’t long my sock had become a trusted tight lipped for its ears only soul. It had come to pass what a child entrusted o the sock was privileged information. Egads, I couldn’t even rat on them to their mother.
Old sock had one flaw of sorts. It liked to entertain and had from time to time become a party favorite.
This morning’s memory gone, I still remembered my afternoon’s baling and mowing hay offerings in part added to a successful day‘s doings. That was a lot of tractor time. Best part, no troubles with either machine. Well, looks like I ain’t lost it all yet. {;^))
Oh darn, my eyes pulsating feeling like a couple pinball’s hit off flippers bounced about from bumper to bumper. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Interesting story about the sock.