Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wore four hats today

First thing out of the house I had to practice my animal husbandry sneaking my way around the ladies. Ugly behaving well enough I didn’t feel like kicking it today. I changed the gates, rode fence, made a couple insulator repairs, and changed dead wires over to live. Then approached the ladies to let them know I’d made a change over for them. What I get? A lot of bawling and bellowing the lot of them to lazy to take my word for it and look for themselves. Other things to do I left them to figure it all out for themselves. And, when they do, do I get any credit for it? (haaa!) Might as well forget that!
Next in my travel plans I hit the shop with a determination to get something done on the Cushman. Yeah right. A friend’s screw-up some eleven years ago changing my Cushman’s design lay out had moved a mutually beneficially shared cross member used to join the original salvages Cushman’s back two-thirds with a Yamaha’s front two-thirds golf cart. He took it upon himself to move that cross member back two lousy inches. Them’s two inches are enough I can’t readily remove the Cushman’s OMC engine from the chassis being caught between two structurally important cross members. Crap! I’ll figure something out.
Meanwhile, here’s the Cushman just a hanging around in the shop just aching for attention.
Sometime, in the midst of my poking around in the Cushman’s innards I had taken a break to have stepped aside to move that hay wagon with the two bad tires down in front of the shop. When I had finally given up of the Cushman and Ugly’s problems for the day I pulled a troubled tire’s rim off that wagon. Then commenced to change it. As warm and muggy as it was becoming I had settled for changing one tire today. And, that is just what I had done.
Rain clouds having stalled over Lake Michigan to pick up more moisture, that cloud eventually headed our way. With a need I got underway with the hay wagon, up on all four shoes, headed for a belated lunch. By 2:00 O’clock I was a-field with baler rolling heavy round Sudex bales finishing them at about 5:00 PM. I had but one new task before me. I had to sneakily haul away one baled mistake. Thought was I might just as well take an eight bale load of dry bales home with me at the same time. Once under way my thoughts were again of the ladies helping me out disposing of or hiding my mistakenly wrongly made silage bale. (to big to put through the bale wrapper)
It was just as I was taking the last dry hay bale off the wagon, it was here what came the rains with gusto pouring steadily harder all the time, And ugly was down the road parked in that hay field with it’s windows open. Haaa! Not a single soul had volunteered to go out and close my windows. So it was when I had parked the 4020 JD I stepped down, walked over to Ugly’s driver’s door, climbing in and I got a wet ass sliding into the seats accumulating dished like puddle. Oh the agony of the wet seat!
Home by ten of six, I had had enough of the outside world. Between lame legs, complaining knees, tricky hips, dizzying walks, between machines and varied tasks, I could with a clear conscience call my day. On entering home I wanted a tall tea. So, for meself I made a tall cold tea, a quart’s full measure worth. Ohhh! It was so good. It made me my tea’ thirty.
Here’s a field line up of this season’s haying equipment.
Photobucket *
Left to right The 4020G JD loader equipped, next the Allis Chalmers WD45 with a new Holland crop inverter, Ugly of course with hay wagon in tow. After Ugly sits an 1850 Shultz Ollie with the 1345 Hesston rotary conditioner. Just this side the last described combination sit’s a 4010D JD with a 1400 Hesston Mower-conditioner. And far right last but not least the Indy 1850 Ollie with the Vermeer 445 silage hay baler. Ho boy! Have we got a sandbox full of toys to play with. Yaba dab-a doo. BGKC.
*To see the whole wide angle photograph left click you mouse for the whole picture.


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