Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8-10-2010 Nite rain

It rained all night the last night we slept. We’d taken our turn walk the house once. We moved our waters. Then I slept again, She stayed up. The deck had remained wet each time I looked. She had entertained the cat. There’d been no silly dreams on either our parts. It had been a good night for sleeping.
For more yesterday’s farm scene news leave to our own to entertain drop ins. She’d broken a wire, a wire so rusty, when I tried to fix it, it discinigated (fell apart) in my hands requiring a total new replacement. She was one more of the four visitors we’d had during the last couple weeks. The same four who had taken us for that cross country hiked scenic tour. (smiles) Animals are so entertaining.
I’ve plenty to do today. So much so I’m near beside myself as to what to do first, which also include a couple things I want to do for myself. I need to cut additional hay, I want to finish solving Ugly’s ability to run properly. I want to get started on the Cushman’s modifying overhaul starting with a high pressure wash to locate the engine hidden under at least nine years dirt. Hmmm, I just might be able to slip in a power wash while waiting the fields to dry….Opps, oh crap, I’ve got four wagon tires to change. (sihn) I’m so glad I’m needed?
8-11-2010 Catch up
Opps or Okay, I didn’t finish this last night. I wore myself out again. Been doing a lot of that lately. Mt yesterday’s hay cut is in jeopardy the weather wizards changing their minds again, something they are exceptionally good at. Today and tomorrow’s good weather has been changed to thunder storms for both days. And I’ve such a long ways (haying) to go.
Starting out either in or under the morning’s heavy fog I took the Cushman to the shop, high pressure washed it, pushed it inside the shop to drip dry, removed the battery and whatever I might have done with it after that I’d gotten wet sure. The sun showing up, burning the fog off, the grasses appearing to be slowly drying off, I could head for home. Only I had no ride. Oh well, being another hour or so the grasses drying I took to walking. Raymond had taken some livestock to the livestock exchange. Being alone and on my own my walk home started with a first step. The first leg was easy once I topped the grade east. Then it was the long downhill walk’s gravity taking over making the down hill stepping easy. When I reached the Butternut Creek bridge it were a welcome shady place to lean on the railing and watch the water easily flowing by. The creek was doing better than I was I was only just getting started with a mile and three quarter to go. Continuing on along on my shanks mare I stopped every now and then taking up a serious responsibility steadying a number of mailboxes along my way. By and by I was approaching the Loopy Acres Estates a hobo’s good stop for a coffee hand out over the years. So, I called ahead. The door was open. A few moments later Scooby Doo seeing me just a started talking to me. Excitement in his voice he greeted me, was glad to see me, and I had better be stopping to give him a good petting, scratching and a pat on his back side. Isn’t it something of a phenomena, pets, kids, cows, and wives all like an endearing pat on the backside. {:^) The coffee was delicious. Just the stimulant I needed for my continued way home. Only Miss Loopy insisted she give me a ride the rest of my way. And she did to in such real class n her new S-10 pckup even driving so far as to deliver me on the over end my gravel (dirt) road.
Ugly continues to act up. After an early spur of the moment lunch Frieda wanting her spur of the moment hair cut. I took her to her hair dresser. While I waited, leaving her behind I used the time to get into some real taking much more of the Cushman apart.
Her hair cut when she’d called, to my bringing her home, my not handily seeing the ladies we took a drive out back. Ah yes we found them about as far away from their barnyard as they could get. Turning around coming back up to the farmyard, ugly had quit running just inside the west sides near pasture gate. Having to abandon Ugly I walked Frieda back up to the house, my wondering if she were going to make it without a wheel-burro ride. Ugly abandoned sure, I walked done the road and finished cutting the Sudex under the weather comedians suggested two good days…..I could get it baled and off the fields.
The Fields cut no ride home I walked it again. Had a soda break, called Bro’ speaking of my Ugly’s problem. He was on his way. We’ll tow Ugly to the shop and look into it there where we’ve the tools, materials, and more the where for alls to work with. On his arrival I threw the tow strap out. Was about to pin it to his hitch and decided to try Ugly one more time. The %9$4A_ho^&*(& engaged in starting. I still haven’t given up the thought of murdering the mechanical beast.
Ugly running parked on shop apron I looked for the instruments and jumper wires for Ugly’s next time. It was running now. Bro’ took to poking at Ugly under the hood. I readied the engine to come out of the Cushman. This alternative activity giving me time to think. DUH!
What’s Ugly’s problem… it this what’s making Ugly so damned cantankerous? Maybe a bad ignition switch down under on the steering column, way down there under the dash? A place I can no long twist my body into, even just to see the fuse block let alone service the fuses. How about a bare wire shorting out somewhere, or perhaps a broken wire opening up at the most in opportune times. Arrggghhhh!!!!!
The last thing I did, just managing to hang in here, I wrote Jack a three part apology over my behavior the last couple weeks and emailed him.
AND, this the way it has been in my corner of Shorthorn country. BGKC.
PS: Frieda's feeling much better for and about herself this morning.

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Donna said...

Good for Freida! That Ugly is going to be the death of you yet.