Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long day sort-a

Was a-field by 8:30 AM baling sudex hay. Was tough going the very last two rounds. Had two plugs. Was clear down to 1st gear in low range making breakneck speed at less than a half mile per hour. Was 1:00 PM by time I had finished this baling. Was 6:00 PM finished hauling and wrapping. Okay, I only put in about 9 Sunday hrs working time. I am thoroughly beat just the same.
I had stopped in inquire about renting an adjoining piece of ground. A very attractive young lady answering the door, to speak to me, in a terri cloth bathrobe. From my recollection she looked even prettier, over yesterday’s fence, in bleached white short-shorts. Va va vaoom!
After I had shared my brief encounter with Frieda, she called me a dirty old man. }:^( Funny, I can remember when my Frieda had either sought out or accepted my hands on approaches upon her person. Now she belittles me a wee bit of a remindful eye strain. (frown)
Seated a few moments in our brand new to us pick’em up truck, my pushing dash buttons I found the radio worked and like at least the last two pickups the horn did not. One largely noticeable difference between this more modern vehicle and the last half dozen collector items it has what might be called a cup or bottle holder. Wow, what advances my living long enough I’ve seen this new millennium? BGKC.

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Paula said...

Oh wow and a cup holder too. You are getting "up town".