Monday, August 23, 2010

Making adjustments

Riding in truck with window open bother’s my healing eye, so I ride with that eye closed to the winds and breezes. No moving air problems once I’m a-field on a tractor.
Gosh as much as I ate the thought when Herr Clink is up to it we’ve got to go shopping for clothing’s. Fore my self I could use a couple bags of socks and by any means some shirts. Frieda needs some under garments and she’d like a couple pretty dresses. Gosh, I remember when I could care less if she had anything on. As far as shirt are going I’ve about worn all mine out and I m note to sure I should mention the latest hand me down blouses I’ve been wearing a-field. What tickles me nobody has yet noticed the opposite buttoning. Oddly enough only wimmin notice the garment’s look then asking me about the material. “Once, when I had mentioned from where I had gotten the garment, I was told, “I don’t want to now.” (grin) Until then I hadn’t had any reflective thoughts about reflected images. (smiles)
Darn it. Yesterday was the second day in a row, out of three this past week, that a somewhat promised carburetor for Ugly had not showed up. These waiting games are prying upon my mind. I’ve got no handy way to go Postoffice or UPS to make a couple mailings. Discouraging at the mercy ever getting a ride when my own are broke down.
Is this the way it’ll always be from here on out?
Opps, It wasn’t until I had walked in last night that I realized I hadn’t my latest blouse I’d worn me. I had told Frieda how I thought I had lost the blouse and perhaps baled it? She chuckled and commented my not worrying about it, it’ll show up. Then I assured her I hadn’t lost it. my finding it had actually slipped down behind the tractor’s seat cushion, “Well at least I wont see some cow wearing found in a bale of hay.” Frieda out and out laughed at that.” I wonder was it the image or her two life times long continued laughing at me.
I know what happen this morning. My brother saw to it was wasted. Ugly ain’t been nothing but the stubborn mechanical Antichrist. When Thought we had fix of sorts two weeks ago I took the Cushman apart. Now that neither one of them running I miss that bicycle I had hard up ridden over the years. I’d still had it if I hadn’t sacrificed it for the quadracycle last winter. There ain’t nothing left excepting for a bull and he ain’t been broke; and, I ain’t gonna get broken breaking him. And then my roller-skates I’m afraid wont roll well down a gravel road. Now, there’s only one alternative left, that I shall not mention, without a photograph to back it up!
At the crack of 11:30 AM, picked up, we got underway hauling and wrapping hay. The third cell filled out down the road I move the wrapper up here. Starting with what’s left of the Sudex we’ll start wrapping the remainder here. Come late December when they’re opened they’ll be summer grazing yummy to the ladies. Tom making an appearance after a week’s absence took over my part watching the wrapping machine. I had seen a choke cherry limbs had come down. Going to investigate The fence under them had been knocked down. Having gone that far I found another fence’s electric wire broken. Darn, double darn nuts, I had to walk all the way up front to turn off the fence, find repair wire, and pliers and walk back. Testing wire for charge strength It was near worse than poor. I looked for a short and found several. And the fence just barley show interest in working. I gave my ladies a large bale and the junior misses down the road a fresher bale. I took another turn around the front east side pasture finding another short to fix. The sun settling behind the tree line the wire displaying some traces of energy , which was stronger than myself. It’s time to quit. Sorry about my leaving some story behind I got to cut it off. BGKC,

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