Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping day sort-a

Our good neighbors come by, picked us up, and took us for the rounds: I mailed my manuscript, UPS return used Cushman parts for the core charge, Picked up some rubber motor mounts parts for Cushman engine, found out AC clutch plate unavailable at loco parts store (I-via), stopped by Goodwill store and found me a dozen shirts (most brand new), Frieda hit a Dollar store gathering (Sheesh, cost me a small fortune before getting the gatherer out of there; but, I’ve got socks and shorts, (I-via). Stopped by bank (to go broke), and on way home looked at pickup truck sitting along side the road (left name and number). Was later shown truck, drove it, got some history, sure it needs a few fixings but otherwise solid vehicle and I bought it, anemic-ing our bank account (100% down, nothing/month). Got a whole lot of running done and running wheels under us again as well.
By mid-afternoon my eyes so sore I tried resting them. Doing so I’m informed I was supposed to have ground grain today. Having my first urge to kill, the troops had been discussing it among themselves having had neglected to tell me about it. The one who had to do it. Idjiots! And Ugly still needs fixing?????
In my travels up and down my road one party comes out to talk to me providing me with the second urge to kill. “I could have bought that truck for you for less money.” Oh yeah, sure, only the way I‘ve heard it, “Money talks, bullshit walks!”
Going to be after dark my eating my supper again tonight. I guess it’s better than going hungry like some third world souls. BGKC

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