Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was always one of the year’s four best shopping days according to my Mom’s pleasurable early morning bargaining days in the Jewish community. ANDS, should a black cat should cross her path she declared her power shopping luck would most defiantly have doubled. Oh the agony of my feet keeping up with her demands we shop every Jewish shop before the morning’s first shopping hour has passed. She was determined to be the very first shopper in each and every shop she so desired where in she had wished to do business. She’d chatter on about the day’s date every shop she entered and then countered offer her spending price upon any article she so desired.
It had happened two things had likely come to pass. One, some of these people if not superstitious they were of the minds they’d might better not take any chances. Two, shop keepers entire business day could finish at a loss if the first potential customer left the shop without buying something. And my Mom knew exactly what that item were to be for it were already set in her mind. Entire/
I slept like a log last night a clear indication I must have had a very busy, and in this case, busy day. Now upon waking up I’ve a most profound need to consult the weather imaginerees as to the next few days meteorically activities. It’s sure what every they predict it’ll all happen wrong.
As it worked out, not sure of the weather I went back to work on disassembling Cushman engine. In spite of my pressure washing the engine alone, as I removed each part I found more and more oily sand and vegetation packed between every last part and the next one I removed. Gosh what a mess. It had not been long and that poor engine would have had some serious cooling problems. Looks Like some changes are going to be made.
Wanted to haul home a couple more distanced hay balings. Raymond objected to my chancing Ugly’s ability to get there and back on its own. Oh Fudge! Okay, looks like I’ll be bellying Ugly up to the shop door come morning and construct (install) another independent backup three wire wiring harness to handle starter‘s working and hot wiring the distributor. Holy Smokes, this reads like I might have done this before? {:^))
His trailer unloaded the flat rake replaced with the livestock trailer I loaded a bull on that trailer for Raymond. It is good seeing this one having gotten a job to do, as it should be. Oh yeah just over the other side the county this one.
And, as the afternoon was wearing on I took some more of the Cushman engine apart. This engine so different from almost all I’ve ever worked (or overhauled) I’m paying very close attention to how it is coming apart. Then when taken apart there’ll be a period of time invested in cleaning each and every part large and small. It is the small parts that will worry me most. I was doing my darndest to remove all the needed studs required to reassemble all the new parts. I did alright too until I belatedly enviably hit my invisible wall. My brain had shut gown, become muddled, heat was finally getting to me, and my lungs were hurting like Hell. Something else, I have not had a smoke for five days now. Still got my rolling tobacco supply so there’s no need my go looking for what I don’t want. My new preferred chemical abusive substance is one of them 12oz can’s Faygo Root Beer. (smiles) BGKC.
PS: Oh and I say, If any of the preceding has been repeated by myself, I am entitled as a distinguished old phart.

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Paula said...

Never heard of that brand root beer. Maybe it would be good to do what I do with my caffeine free Dr. Pepper. I put a whole can of it in a tall plastic glass and leave it in the freezer until it get mushy. Soooo good these hot summer days.