Saturday, August 21, 2010

8-19-2010 I’s don’t have it

I tried reading some the E-net. That’s no good. Left eye waters for the right eye’s discomfort. I put in the drops as directed and put on the self thought up black patch. That patch is my present salvation getting anything done out side. Eye’s hurt both eyes open exposed to sunlight.
So, I guess the best I can do is the few minutes I write this to keep up my journal up to date even if it should only accrue in my own mind, and save myself for my outside adventures. Now, that mouth full said.
This written under the duress of listening to Herr Mostess as I put down my thoughts before they’re lost forever wasn’t easy. :^)) And, was she wound up this morning. :^)) That’s what I get havin’ slept in, or longer than usual. I got to call this quits, get outside and make fix the loader tractor.
Got so damned hot this morning my patched eye felt as if it went deep sea swimming without a sea swim mask.
It took us all morning to rebuild the JD’s hydraulic cylinder, an hour and a half alone for the last snap ring. Well, I’ve had a cold lunch, a quart of tea, some of that to go, and a whole chunk of Boston Brown Bread all to myself. (YUM!) Oh yeah, first thing first, I remembered my noon eye drops today! Now its more than time enough already, I be getting off it and on’em.
What an afternoon. My finally putting the JD together with brother towards the end no help breathing down my neck. We also finally got around to hauling in the hay and wrapping it. Hallelululuiah! The first load loaded Raymond took off leaving me to mow more Sudex. While I was ripping up and down the field at 6 ½ mi/hr. He’d manage to corral Chip to drive his truck about the field while he loaded Trailer. I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I know it true. I’ll be punished Saturday having to bale all that I had cut today in one sitting. If that won’t be enough punishment I’m looking foreword to cutting alfalfa tomorrow. By more than time enough I quit my mowing Raymond and Chip finally made it back for the next load. By that time we were getting well dampened under a bit of rain.
Myself the third wheel Chip excused himself as we approached the hay-yard leaving us brothers to handle the rest of it ourselves. One more load brought back, it started to rain, raining hard enough wrapping any more silage (haylage) was out of the question. A couple misshapened bales I had rolled we were to feed these out to the girls that end and the ladies here. Bro’ says to me, “I’ll take this lopsided bale up to feed it out. All you got to do is open and close the gate.“ I could handle it. His having a head start I had to run the length of the hay-yard to turn my unit around. And here it come. A driven wind blown rain so hard I had to stop for I couldn’t see where I was going. Wipers going full tilt I picked my route through the unwrapped bales he’d unloaded to one side and the chassis of another potential hay wagon a-waiting our attentions on the other. Goodness gracious the rains were coming down with a solid tropical splendor. Making with a dash no-less from open truck door to gate latch I was soaked to the skin. Ducking for cover in truck was a waste of time There was no way I could stay drier. I was so wet, when I made my second dash to re-close that gate the first soaking was cascading to earth’s riverlets so my clothing could take a re-soaking second time. What the heck, by the time Raymond took me home myself dripping wet there was no need to hurry. Either way I wasn’t going to get any wetter of drier, I just plainly climbed aboard an Oliver an took my feeding out bale off the trailer and fed it.
It weren’t done yet. Nor was I done yet. Coming down my road we’d had a wind whipping through our neighborhood just before we got there. A big chunk of tree had come down lain out the length of the tenant farm driveway. Luckily it had missed the fence and the house. Just beyond my own place, a mulberry tree from my side of the road’s fence line had come down blocking the road. The neighbor across the road got his four wheeler onto it before traffic started detouring across his lawn. I’m so glad he took it in. When it’s cut up it’ll still take three years seasoning for useful firewood. ;^))
About here in time I remembered I hadn’t taken care of a hay moisture testing instrument. Touchy things one daren’t let one get wet for it screws them up every time. Where did I leave it. I jumped in Ugly and headed down the road. Ugly started acting up instead of stopping I tried putting a pair of jumper wires together under the dash. I didn’t make it. While I had fussed with the wires Ugly had drifted off the road a bit and quit, never to run again today. I got me a ride from a passer by to go looking for moisture tester for saving it. Driving a couple miles I found I had lost the damn tractor and baler? ARGH! Turning around heading back for home, I saw it right where I had used it last. Stopping the utility vehicle mid -road (nobody coming) I dashed for the lost tractor and retrieved the moisture tester. Luckily the rains had blown over the tractor and the tool box the tester had been almost completely covered in. The same good Samaritan giving me the ride also helped me bring Ugly home. My driving an Oliver tractor he steering the cussed truck backwards all the way.
Supper was hamburger steak, smashed tators, a green vegetable I ain’t supposed to have, and musk melon. Now it’s my doing laundry most the evening’s last. As I‘m writing the first load‘s washed and dried, second and third loads are in washer and dryer..
Oh yeah, just before running about for the last two adventures I had shed my eye patch. Feels good using that eye again. I expect what fuzziness in my right eye, I’m experiencing for both, will even out and be gone by morning. That’s not all, I have to fit in a command appearance in Doc’s office sometime tomorrow. If farming was ever boring, I ain’t ever seen it!!!!!!! Damn! I like my Job! BGKC.

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