Thursday, August 12, 2010

was gonna be busy day

We both slept thru the nites thunder-boomers. I particularly so suffering one cramp just before retiring I took a valium to head them off at the pass.
Have plenty to do today. Haul in last evening’s baling and wrapping, and of course I’ve got the Cushman to play with for a rainy day’s entertainment.
Right turn out of the drive I stopped off in hay field for an eight bale load Sudex. Receiving about an inch of rain last night the barnyard creek was full. The hay field greasy had to use the loading tractor to take the loaded wagon all the way out on the road. Arriving the hay-yard vicinity the other end, nobody around. (hehe) I found something else to do. Might say …….
….knowing the ropes I removed the Cushman’s engine.
To take it out I first had to remove the drive shaft, three speed manual transmission, and grind off former required bracket that had some use when the Yamaha end of the machine needed it for another electric car use. Once I got the engine freed of the chassis I parked it on a barrel until I could get back to it. One thing sure it’ll see some more high pressure washing.
Raymond finally showed up sporting a fresh hair cut. With his arrival we commenced to do something with the wet hay. It had to be wrapped. Two loads wrapped, a third loaded, and somebody making a spur of the moment appointment I had to take Frieda to our Doctor’s office for her toenail clippings. Her limb imaging reports back her veins are good. An Alzheimer’s test and she was good to go again. Returning home I was back into loading and hauling in the last wet sudex silage.
Somewhere in these last couple hours I made a double set wires jumper harness for next time Ugly’s temperamental. If Ugly then goes under temporary wiring we’ll know where the problem is.
Then doing one more thing I brought the Cushman’s power plant outside the shop and pressure washed so the next time I look at it I’ll have an idea what I’m either looking at or taking apart.
Glory be! With all my activity today I managed to only to forget to take my evening rattlers. And fortunately I may still start the laundry while I wait my pre-supper hour. Not feeling like a beer I’m thinking my palate could go for a long-tall quart iced tea. Yeah! Iced Tea! Now, there’s my thirst clincher.
I had said it "was going to be busy day." It was! BGKC.


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Paula said...

We could use a thunder bummer or two followed by rain.