Thursday, November 6, 2008

May miracles never cease!

Cancer genes have been isolated in cancer patients opening the doors to more cancer researched cures and preventions. I do hope so!
My grand-son (by marriage) has suffered two bouts with the evil disease and still surviving. My best little buddy Sherburn suffered the deadly disease loosing to it the second time around, some years ago. We had shared the tittles “father-in-law” with a joined couple our kids. His loss remains as close in my mind as those losses my parents.
Now, for what had started out to be a bright new light in my day.
I’ve written, I get my Playboy (PB) subscription every month. I read it for the articles. Butt, more impotently, this writing, I also receive in the mail the Playboy’s all manner of things sexy for the discerning male shopper catalogue. My curiosity getting the better of me I was thinking along the lines of ordering one of them sexy mail order wife’s; although, she’d have to settle for just being another mistress in my case.
Well, it’s looks like good news and bad news. Good news, she’s on her way. I got her clothing today. Bad news, mine Frieda thinks the mail ordered wife’s clothes an incentive she loose her own weight to fit in them. Now, I’m troubled, “How to explain this conundrum to Her Mostess?”
I looked in on a couple folks. I don’t know what Mel wanted me to see? I couldn’t down load it. Alice is talking Oscar & Meyer and changing times, the hunt club fenced in. I tried looking for Kelly and can’t find her (her new site?). I guess I’ll have to break down find her number and land-line her. I haven’t talked to her in ages. Oh how I love her southern belle drawl!
Oh lawd! I took a shower this morning and Spring is still half a year off. Even going to put on clean clothes. I ain’t gonna know how to behave without the barnyard ambiance what follows me behind? I don’t know what’s going to become of me? It just don’t seem naturally healthy to wash up more than once a year. {;^D
Gosh, the only washing all the ladies I know, outside my home, get is standing out in the rain. I’d done that, if only the neighbors’ weren’t going to talk!
For an early morning’s start I raked hay until the dumb tractor started stumbling on gasoline fumes then quit. It was getting on time to eat early for my early afternoon neurologist’s appointment. Oh yeah she was that 50/50 chanced better looking than my regular doc, but then any young lady looks better than any old goat. };^)) Opps! I better keep quiet. We talked over the paper work I had pre-filled out: and, went over the druggist’s printout my last three months prescription medications plus my over the counter extras. When did the headaches start? What steps had I taken since then? What meds was I using and how? And, some other bits of this’n’that. She thought my Doc and I had everything under control. She was a bit astonished I had been prescribed three nitrate drugs. No wonder I had a headache. When my BP is brought backup to normal the headaches should go away. In the meantime, she told me to get on a steady diet of three acetaminophen a day for about three weeks, then call her. She wants to know how I come out. For now she’d send her examination’s impressions to my Doctor. Accepting her card, and a drink I took one of my pain relievers and was out of there.
Home I had lunch’s dessert and hit the field raking the last of the hay. I managed to bale it all. Running out of daylight’s time I managed to feed my ladies. Tomorrow A couple trips with the hay wagons the last of the season’s hay will be hauled off. Then it’s machines conversions and change over’s for harvesting corn stover. The worst part I’ll be bringing the wrapper back we never used on the other end. Curses. (snicker)
Son of a gun! Getting in tonight I feel as If I had worked all day. Supper’s gonna be stuffed peppers. (yum) I like’em. Haven’t made up my mind yet what sort of sinful dessert I’ll have? BGKC.

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Kelly said...

Fern, do you know I have you saved, tucked away safely in my cell phone. We should meet up when time allows and have a jaw session. ;) Maybe you can talk me into buying some of your mud. I haven't had my share yet this year as its been pleasantly dry land here. LOL