Monday, December 1, 2008

7 days & counting

“Well.” I started slowly, “It all started a month or so ago, while Virgil McCary and I were talking with a couple girls. Somebody in the paper advertised an opportunity to purchase advance ticket’s to see and hear and dance to Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra. Talking it over we all decided to jump on that and sent away for the tickets. That show is coming this weekend out at the Baseline Pavilion. I’m sorry after all what had transpired today I’m still obligated to that date. I don’t think I’d be right my ducking out on that girl. Are you going to be okay with this?”
“You and I have made no commitments. You’ve already made other plans before meeting me. I’ve got no problem with you keeping your date. I hope all you guy’s have a good time.”
I told her, “My glad you are understanding the situation I am in.”
“Oh, I do!” she reassured me, “And I doubt I’ve heard the last of this.” Then I heard her say, “I like you.”
“This one’s a strange girl.” I thought to myself. Now I will have to admit, I can’t say these words were verbatim. But, my reader should have gotten the general idea of my/our developing problem. Meanwhile I’m afraid this is the way this’ll have to read until someday edited. Now I’ve got more problems and ideas than I wanted to deal with. And in as much as this week is starting to taken flight, I’ve got to take this story right along if I’m going to finish it on time.
Now, that I had taken care of a couple little problems I was thinking maybe “How am I going to get Frieda out of her clothes for a….err….better over all look at her all?”
Snow snow every way I look gloriously beautiful snow. Hot Dog! What a pretty day. If I didn’t know better, standing, walking about the outside yard my surroundings looked like they’d been freshly Mother Natured wallpapered.
Looking at my mailbox:
Down my road out front:
Looking up my road out front:
Tractor I used for feeding the ladies and loading hay wagons.
Ladies single file heading for their feed.
Same tractor hauled home two wagon loads. One wagon still stuck in cornfield.

So there you have it, I fed ladies, hauled in some shelled corn, loaded some hay wagons, and hauled home some hay. I even managed to stick Ugly, got it out leaving loaded hay wagon behind.
Was glad to come home early 20 minutes ahead of sundown. Trash gotten out, belly satisfied, ready for sleep before 8:00 PM.


Alice said...

What an incredible sight to see but I have to say I'm glad I'm looking at pictures :) Really enjoy your love story, Fernan :).........

Paula said...

Wow I'm freezing just looking at that. I don't think I have clothes warm enough for a scene like that.

Donna said...

Looks like you got considerably more snow that we did. I love it when snow sticks to the trees like that. Looks like a regular Christmas card!

Kelly said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Fern. You know I love pictures a lot. The snow is beautiful, much prettier than my mud I am trodding through these past days. You actually got done before dark? Wow, I am impressed. I find myself going to bed earlier too...after its dark, there just isnt a whole lot left to do but sleep.