Sunday, December 14, 2008

12-13-o8 Saturday, where’d the weak go.

I can’t believe this work week has come and gone already. Not that I’m allowed that luxury of the weekends off. So many mouths to feed around here. Once thinking it’d be nice to take some of the weekend off, I now find myself trying to catch-up what I didn’t finish during the week last. Seems an aging body can’t win for loosing. (grin)
Wow, It’s unreal seeing the New England states covered and closed under tons of icy blankets bringing down everything under its weight: trees, all manner of utility high lines. Transportation has to be a snarled mess just trying to transport goods into or or around New England these peoples need daily. People have to be home bound, motor fuels unattainable without power. May they all have a months supply of staples and a means to boil water.
One of man’s mistakes!
Having been watching the Hallmark Channel of late the holiday season story offerings. Of these year’s last days the programming has been depicting family life of the 15th, 16th, 17th, and the early 18th centuries. It was in those days of old young ladies when introduced to the social side of the worldly life that was through debutant balls and later given away they were locked into it through extravagant weddings, these events of all young lady’s last hurrah.
What followed in the 19th century men gave away to women the once most important manly right to vote. With that carelessly penned giveaway of a logically inherited man’s right men since have been unable to keep their women in the kitchen or laundry room. Thus followed my housemaids knee, chapped hands, washing/drying of laundry, plus hours in front of the kitchen range. Most importantly the place were supposed to keep their wives “….home on the range.”
(te he, te he, te he)(yuk, yuk, yuk)
Just what were my four grandfather’s thinking?
You all will excuse me while I prepare the proper place of safety a more logical cover.
Religious ramblings
Hey! Don't knock it. While I may be a "Holy Joe" and a doubter I may still enjoy the children's church programs. The scriptures (whatever's said) still contain so many fine stories worth repeating (retelling). Plus there's something to be said checking out Easter's seasonal Spring finery. Imaginations (sacred of course) take on so many all new view points, bless them all.
Holy repercussions. I wish I could just plainly open my head to exchange the hurting contents inside this one with another set of pain free contents. Shortly after lunch yesterday the stabbing attacks have returned with some colossal sound effects loud enough to drown out all the other sounds common to this household: refrigerator, woodstove’s stack fan, washer and dryer.
My head in a whirl, Frieda insisted I lay down. That was a good idea. I slept until sundown waking in time to see the day’s light fade. I felt refreshing the whirls of thousands fo gears having left my head clear. Next, I discontinued two of the here medications to wait and see what new or old feelings would my head hold.
I believe Dad was right in his saying, “Heaven and Hell were right here on Earth.” BGKC.

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Paula said...

Yes the week did fly by as all of them are. Don't ya wish at our age we could slow them down? Sorry your head is hurting again.