Monday, December 29, 2008

I think I'm about even-stevens with dog issues. Don't know how many dogs I've talked an animal control officer out of picking up, just because they're easy. If the dog is that easy, it's likely a good dog useful to the neighborhood watch.
Living in town, whenever one of these dogs ever barked Frieda would look and hands empty would step out on porch. Interesting how with the appearance of any neighborhood adult any threat of possible trouble simply disappeared. [One time hearing a neighbor's dog bark joined by our own dog, Frieda stepped out and saw a couple men in drag get into a car some houses away. She called city police, coming into block with two cars they’d simultaneously blocked that car. They were state or federal cops on stake out and released after Chief Hardy had had a chat with them down at the station.] Viva the good neighborhood dog. I don't know how we'd gotten along without them.
What pisses me off are our city cousins drive by dumping their unfed pets in our country yard. Animal control will gladly pick them up after we’ve tied them. Usually more than one, I just simply Shoot, shovel, and shut up. We’ve had these packs run our calves until the calves had gotten into spiny weeds or brush leaving the poor baby calves blind. This leaves us moving pairs into smaller heavily fenced in areas so mothers may raise their calves. Rather than mess with animal control any more even to their wanting moneys to take them away, my rifle illuminates any indifferent difficulties between us. Such a simpler solution, “Bang-bang” problem’s over.
Again, getting back to where I started we’ve some splendid country dogs. One my neighbors worrying about my dispatching their dog, Bear, there was no way I assured them. I found him a most pleasant help to me, his coming over checking out all the newborns all critters nose to nose each checking the other out. The calves accustomed to Bear (dog) they didn’t take flight of strange dogs. This simple good neighbor act upon Bear’s part has saved us many calves their eye sight. For strange dogs making a singular appearance giving me no trouble I have asked about for them. Let more than one dog show up, these dogs be coming packs they feed on indifference from each other makes trouble, trouble required neutralized with lead poisoning.
Doing my chores, ½ done the gasser Ollie having given me fits until then, it had quit, run out of gas. Just what I needed. Farm tank empty. So, needing gas I had to run over to the Crossroads and buy a couple cans full. Mean time her Mostess had been preplanning and had prepared for me one of her infamous shopping lists. And she had made sure it was in my pocket. The tractor again running poorly after the last sparkplug replacement I had better get another set plugs off shop wall. Over to the Crossroads in addition gasoline, I also picked up motor oil and ATF fluid. I hadn’t the time to got to a bulk plant. So, after some shopping for the belly I headed back home.
Medically desperate for some answers as to what’s going on inside my head I sat down to the telephone and called UM Hospital. Was promised appointment before day’s out. Day’s done and I’m still out. I’ll tell it like it is. Living on opiates is not a particularly comfortable way to live. The last prescription gone, putting myself on Tylenol crap free
Lunch put away, I chose to drain tractor engine oil, replace the sparkplugs, and refill with new clean oil, first. Time having sprinted away ahead of me there was no catching up my arse to it this day…The sun shinning when I had started work on the Ollie. The air freshened with some 20 / 30 mph breezes. It was feeling like Winter were about to come around the corner and freeze me dry where I stood. The Ollie serviced I kept moving. Had a lot of Ugly loaded down with what not’s to put down in the barn. Oh, the barnyard creek water level down enough I don’t need a raft or know where the rocks were anymore to go down to the barn, or at least not until next time. My one original intentions for today’s self entertainment I was to finish looping into pieces that blown over mulberry tree. Getting late the house needing firewood, labors over finish cupping that evasive mulberry, the Cushman came out for load of firewood loading. It was near enough sundown, my feeling another spiking routine coming on I had to call a 15 minute quits for a Tylenol break after the Cushman had been backed up to the open-gated deck. It were an hour after dark when I had finished the unloading in 50 mph gusting winds. Just thinking about all the lights what are still out from Saturday’s ice and windstorm last this last weekend I wanted back in the house before the lights went if they had the mind. By the time I got it back into the house the wall clock hands were applauding 7:00 PM again. BGKC.

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Kelly said...

Glad Bear is a help to you. Most dogs that run loose aren't any help to me at all. More like a pain in the you know what. Ever since we got the fence things are a lot better around here. Dogs stay out, and most chickens stay in, safe.