Thursday, December 18, 2008

What can I tell….

I missed telling this one evening last. Neighbor across street having been gown for an hour and a half yesterday, morning cleaning his mom’s driveway, upon his return missed seeing Ugly in my yard and a pickup load of wood missing in my yard thought (or worried) the two incidents were closely related. His coming right over he was relieved I had merely traded Ugly off for the day’s use of the van. After unloading van six heavily laden boxes of groceries and three bags feminine hygiene supplies, I had to go over and checkout location the wood pile so it’d be easier for backing to time I should need free wood…. Frieda suggested I could one day get shot for that attitude. “Naugh,” I explained, “I don’t know his latest squeeze that well, yet.” Anyway as I had everything brought into the house and heading out she was saying something associating words, one of them “terrible” with me. Wommin?
At my close enough to talk at the neighbor, I suggested, I’ve come over to check out your wood pile so’s I better know where it is next time I bring my own truck over. Him knowing me about cracked up. And seeing the tire tracks I knew who it might well have been who’d taken the pickup load well seasoned wood. His having made a couple phone calls earlier finding out who it wasn’t. I had it narrowed down to who it was. The half toothless perpetrator had a lot of nerve, coming back here, likely thinking he was entitled. I had pulled him out of this yard’s mud a couple years ago twice the same day. He knew of the woodpile and how to avoid the yard’s mud sucking pickup truck trap. (grin) I hope the cops put a good scare into the guy. I don’t think him, a bit timid an individual, that is a serious a danger nor a real bonified criminal. The right words aught to straighten his light hearted larcenist’s act out alright. I’m imagining the perpetrator this hot firewood caper has already sold and delivered the hot load. I’m thinking it might better be suggested he return and restack the firewood. And if he’s got to return the monies collected plus embarrassedly reload the firewood, this punishment should be amply enough. These hours making it all correct ought to give him plenty to think about the next time he entertains such sticky fingered thoughts….. I’m LMAO over this situation.
An overly industrious individual, out of work, likely needing money for drowning and smoking away his unemployment woes.
Holy smok’ems, I personally heard from youngest son “Sneak”* today. He’s in Mississippi getting there driving a tractored KW 18 wheeler this week. Then I thought he was exaggerating, his telling me he crossed Missouri doing 25 MPH on three inches ice covered roads, he had all to himself. But then, of course, he may not be exaggerating having learned to drive on West Michigan’s snow-belt roads where fresh ice and snow was a common daily Winter occurrence.
I’ve maybe found the cause of my headaches to be sun-ominous with one of farming’s dirtierly spoken little four lettered words, “WOIK.” Follow my lines my blooming reasoning to see what I mean.
Teasing the tight assed barely fitting Case 1816 into running, I’d have to wear before the day may be over. Leaning heavy upon the (big Leland) Ollie with morning’s electrical service plugged for a motor block warmer’s beginning, I had managed starting it. Going over the side of the manure spreader I made sure all the apron chains and scrapers were free and easy to go. When everything was finally looking good we commenced managing cleaning half the barn. That’s a good piece of woik done this kindly time of year.
AND, then there was the warning label all over the UM medicine bottle, “No driving nor operating machinery while taking this medication.” So, what if two skid steers did meet head-on, mine dropping its bucket, my trying to make the proper correction my over doing it only to loose my load all over the floor. The label medicine label might have been right? My having to pickup and reload my shyit all over again.
Looking up my medication on the net I found it nothing to exceptionally special. It’s acetaminophen with an additional ride along opiate. My being lied to, only to find I’ve already had this same crap, before, under another one of a thousand names. Sheesh! Isn’t there an honest profession out there somewhere with out an attached swindler to it? BGKC.
*There’s a “Sneak” story what goes along with that nick name. Excuse me. Actually they’re are two stories.

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