Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st Day 51st blissful yr?.

I am so upset with my story unable to finish it as I had intended. I have got this childish feeling I need to start it all over again to see if I can not have it turn out right as it had should: on time, all the missing pieces included, a proper ending, and most of all eliminating a cliffhanger; I had run out of time to written proper.
Having had a good time with this, I’m thinking I may take some more time away from the internet and arrange everything I written into an exclusive new file where in I may fill in the missing pieces climaxed with the proper ending to the very second part of our romance. But then again, the first part could very well be the one or two page intro part upon the adolescent kids merely looking at each other in the (high school) halls of troubled learning through the mists of storm laden clouds raining raging torrents of hormones.
Yesterday was a Shorthorn country Hell day. I don’t remember the beginning. Along with what didn’t go right there was absolutely no problems with things going wrong. Even this new morning I’ve just remembered I had forgotten to put something way or even so simply as just covered to keep it dry. And it were reported freezing ran was upon us around about 7:00 PM evening last. I had to unload Ugly. I had to jump start Ugly, off dreaded gas Ollie. Tarp cover on wagon had to hammered hard water bailed off.
I had to wade manures deep enough up in the barn the gates where dragging. I got involved delivering to the slaughterhouse/butcher site, a seemingly undeliverable steer. Weather conditions such as they’ve were only yesterday had all the Department of Agriculture certified scales unable to settle out for even farm produced commodities or (in our case) livestock approximant weights. Plus calling on neighbors for rented lands declaration affidavits.
And during all this last steer weighing problems I had been shanghaied into a coffee clutching round table discussion causing my missing my half of a shaky marriage celebration.
Plan A: I was about get an answer to my burning question, “Will our marriage last?” Did I? Sort of? Frieda wants a new updated offer before she gives me an answer. At least I didn’t get another “Maybe?”
Entered plan B: It didn’t help either when I plum tuckered myself out pulling on an unyielding cork from the first bottle of imported TB wine. I thought I might toast her enough times I’d get her smashed enough I could get her to say something I could hold her to. Only the Swedish army knife had miserably failed to extract the cork.
Plan C: I’ve got to do some of this all over again. First order of the day, Get me one tough levered cork screw puller before I try to delude her sensibilities again.
Dog Gone It! Plans A, B and C failing I immediately improvised plane D. Looked for and fortunately found my battery power hand drill. Washed up a bit for it and unceremoniously drill a 3/8” hole in the cork. Finally dribbling some of the exquisitely colored liquid into a couple glasses. A glass apiece in hand we toasted each other. I, May we have many more years pleasant memories.” and Frieda simply said, “To us!” We clinked glasses and enjoyed this magic elixir. Well done old man. You are an artist wine maker. Uh hum? Have I ever given you my address?
Dog gone it!
I should have called Sparky to come up the road and keep an eye on my droopy lines. Lost TV and most impotently the cable, internet and computer. So, got out for work earlier.
Skating quite lively on the frozen iced and sleet cover driveways and yards. Thinking I’d haul home the last of the stover I met rain going back outside a little later.
It was an ideal time I went gossiping for awhile. Sworn to secrecy, what was said of our cyber neighbors. (grin) Spent most the afternoon trying to read-up the shop emptying tool buckets sitting everywhere, put buckets of parts away, and cleared away some panting supplies. All this so’s I might get back to assembling the JD with tangling a foot in a shop floor laden of dozens of mechanical floor-mines.
It wasn’t to bad a day in spite the rain. I made it headache pain free until almost 3:00 PM. I lasted almost until 4:00 PM, having to give it up by that time. I had to have a pain reliever before my going painfully dizzily blind. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. The story sounds fine since we don't know the difference anyway.