Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12-15-o8 UM Hospital

What a day! I did my chilled nose morning chores. Mounted my Ugly transportation and headed out.
Seeing and asking Doc about a referral to the University Hospital, he immediately thought it a good idea. He suggested maybe once and for perhaps they can find my head aching problem so that it may be addressed. That theoretic idea approved and advanced on Doc had two of his girls swinging into action printing out all my headache records packet to take with me, thus saving time filling request for the anyway later.
Most importantly any mechanically radiation assisted internal examination procedures should be avoided as much as possible particularly duplicate procedures, these invasive radiation examinations may instill cancers I may or may not already have.
Sheesh! Seems there’s more and more something’s interfering with my presents here coming or going or even comfortably hanging on in the meany-time. If it weren’t for a certain young lady who I had promised to take care of over fifty some years ago, I wouldn’t hang onto this painful life.
Hospital ER arrival at 2:00PM, waiting’s were short betweens my introduction either through or into the system. My records packet were the big hit of the day. A first pretty intern seeing me having gone over me physically and mentally left me to confer with a superior physician. A bit later she returned with a second pretty intern, seeing me, my guessing she wanted to confirm all the information the first young lady had gleamed. I couldn’t knock the attention of such pretty young ladies, who‘d next include a lovely registered newly wed nurse of two months. “Humma humm hum yum.”
[Backing up the stethoscope, the first lovely intern was born in Thailand. I had asker if she’d be going back. “Oh no!” she’d said. She’d married a boy born in Chicago. Interestingly, she and her husband knows the Illinois (controversial for sale Obama senate seat scandal) Governor’s son. The second intern sported one of them big Farah Fawcet hair do’s. I could almost have drowned in her blue eyes set inside all that face framing blond hair, (sigh) And my nurse, she was from Michigan’s upper peninsula’s Marquette. I asked her were going back. “Oh no!” she’d said. She didn’t like all that snow. Ohh! The Upper’s loss, is the Lower’s gain.
Michigan has some of the loveliest scenery!]
By and by another one of the hospital’s top dog Emergency Room Doctors came into see me, again hitting upon all the afore mention exams high points and was delighted, looking through them, I had brought my records packet along with me, before he was gone.
Ordered up were eye pressures and what looked like a weakening of my dissolve with the nurse holding my hand while vial after vial of my blood. I’m wondering who’s getting all my red stuff? An ill vampire maybe short on good taste?
I was finally discharged with a another pain numbing prescription. Was told I’d be contacted for an in depth neurologist appointment in a few days. Being 9:00PM and hungry I was gone. Getting home The smelly fish sick supper was at least welcomed filling.


loopymamain06 said...

Well....that was quick! They are usually pretty slick on pooling information, fern. Had you ever been there before? What did you think of the place?

Kelly said...

Still reading, I want to know what the diagnosis is for the headaches that are plaguing you. I hope they can resolve it soon so you can get back to some normalcy. All anyone wants is to go about their day without all the extra hassles like docs and hospitals. I hope you can do that soon. Love, Kelly