Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Counting down 6 days

Tommy Dorsey night
Looking sharp Virgil and I used my automobile doubling we picked up our Mary’s. Yup, both our dates were named Mary. Interestingly enough this would the last double date we’d share our time together. Virgil and his Mary would soon elope saving their respective families having to bother dressing up to witness a formal wedding event no mater how small.
It was beautiful early Summer evening this time my doing the driving one may up front seated beside me, Virgil and his Mary and I mean his Mary beside him in the back seat. State road M43 remained closed and would so all summer, that year. So we drove Phoenix road East to Gobles (three TV personalities were born and raised from Gobles) on M40, and turned North. Turning onto the Baseline Road* that would take us to the Baseline Pavilion, way out in the sticks, where I had wonder how it had happened be built there. My first time seeing the place it was enormous and aged, perhaps going as far back as the days of prohibition, with a parking lot covering a number of acres in size and very empty, particularly for a Tommy Dorsey dance band concert. On entry, our thinking we were early we had our hands stamped going in. The main room must have taken up 90% of the building, the ceiling had to have been at least two stories high. Not knowing what to do we selected a table to one side between the dance floor and an outside wall. Then sat there wondering if this was self service or served by a waiter or waitress. When aq feelow come by using paying little attention to us, I hailed him with an, “Excuse me?” When he rudely ignored me, I got up to follow him. Virgil stood asking, “Where you going Fernan?”
“I don’t really know? I answered him. “But I’m thinking I want to know something, and I don’t know what that is just yet. Might be I don’t like being snubbed?
My taking a couple steps after the asshole who’d ignored me Vergil was right beside me. His Mary taking exception to be left sitting at a table in a place she didn’t know either had gathered my Mary with her and they were soon on our tails. And all of a sudden we we’re all back at the entrance my loosing the man I wanted a word with. But, the ticket taker was there. I asked him, “Where’s Tommy Dorsey?“
“UH, he has canceled coming here.” The guy informed us, this moment the first we had heard this questionable news.
“Did you say he canceled his band’s appearance here before today?”
“Yes, Sir.” He fessed up.
“You’re telling me Tommy Dorsey is not coming tonight?”
“That is correct, Sir.”
“Well then, I think we want our moneys back.”
“I can not do that, Sir. We’ve engaged another local band coming in to play tonight.” the trickster tried consoling me.
“Look friend we paid some fancy money to see and hear Tommy Dorsey, not some tavern band. If you can’t help me I want to see the manager.”
“Uh yes sir, right away.” And the little…never mind…he was gone. A couple moments and from around the corner the trickster had the yahoo that had ignored me earlier right beside him. Speaking over his last step or two reaching us, he was saying, “I’m to understand you want your money back?”
“That’s right on Mister.”
“Now, that you’ve already paid your admission why not all of your just relax, stay and enjoy.” His manner’s having taken a turn from snobbery to that of a grand host, I grabbed the mane by his lapels and asked him, “Are you going to refund our moneys or were we going to work this matter out in another way?”
The trickster looking like he was about to leave, Virgil eye to eye with him, suggested, “You might better stay here!” to wit the young man complied. About here, I’m once more asking, “Do we get a reasonably quick and cortious refund of our big band refunds?” As I was lifting him his toes about to experience free space beneath them.
About here Virgil’s Mary excitedly lets out with a single word, “Virgil?” To wit Virgil laid his hands on mine and gently pushing them down, looking from me to the manager, speaking in a quieter voice, “Either you do as the tall man requests, or I’ll turn him loose all over you!” And again we got an excited Mary’s, “Virgil!”
The man gave us our money back and we all went to Kalamazoo and saw a movie in West Michigan’s biggest and oldest Opera House. The worst part of the evening I could not for the life in me be as attentive as I most assertively had been with my Frieda the last few days. Oh That Frieda, She was becoming a better and better kisser every time I checked her progress. And, I knew how to get her out of her clothes….I’d just ask her to go to the beach tomorrow.
Getting back to South Haven, I dropped Virgil and his Mary off at his car, I took my Mary home. Pulling up in front of Mary’s residence, shutting the engine off, Mary laid her hand on my wrist and, said, “You’ve met somebody.” with all the sincerity in a honest body’s voice, Mary knew.
Speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I’d never been n this sort of situation. “I have had a good time, Mary. I’ m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry. Aren’t we all waiting for the right person to come along?” she had spoken wisely. Likely the smartest thing she had ever said all the times we had spent together.
Thankfully she had made it easier. I was glad about that, When I kissed her for the last time a good bye kiss.
Got another load of hay out of the cornfield today. I also got the stuck wagon load off the field using the wood-hauler trailer for a solid chain between the Ollie gasser and the wagon hitch.
Seeing as the trailer hitch didn’t fit the tractor drawbar I connected the two with two clevises. The hay wagon fit perfectly to the trailer. While the tractor hookup was sloppy, it worked out, with a foot of hooked up leeway for the Ollie to jerk the hay wagon loose its having settled in the snow.
*The Baseline Rd was the very base line the State of Michigan’s southern border was laid out from, the width of two county line’s away. Also the other end of the Baseline road was called (or labeled) Eight mile road just north of Detroit.

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