Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12-16-o8 Question?

“Well....that was quick! They are usually pretty slick on pooling information, fern. Had you ever been there before? What did you think of the place?
loopy lady”
It was easy to get to. Doctor George’s wife had simply instructed me to just follow the white on blue “H” signs. Even the freeway exit initialed the exit and as we got off there were more the signs. I’m thinking we’d driven less than a couple miles city streets following additional information signs and I was in ER. Once I was signed in the machinery of modern medicine moved me right along the hollowed halls and walls of that enormous place. A place of learning and practicing I was impressed at how easily my headache matters mover right along. The bedside manner of all the people I was to come into contact with were absolutely wonderful. They’re treatment was as if I were the most VIP. Quite honestly I felt as if I were surrounded by family, only it’s been a long time since I’ve ever known my family made me feel this cared for, with Her Mostess‘s exception. My headache’s coming and going was just as important to them as it is to me. Best of all they told me they’d like to get to the bottom of my headache just as I was.
Taking all my recent pharmacist and medical records with me impressed everybody I came in contact with. Most importantly the records had in them everything to date what treatments and tests I had been given reports there of. Meanwhile They expect to have me back shortly. I don’t know what’s happening next, but something’s happening. Now if by my mind’s resolve will I last until I’ve a diagnosis one way or another my welfare and survival and hopefully a life’s saving solution.
Additionally, but of less importance, from the expressway thru the community streets we passed what looked like a couple RR station’s museums. I want to go back to Ann Arbor one day purely as a tourist. Ann Arbor looks like a place of history’s makings.


Kelly said...

Hey Fern, I read here that you are still having headache woes. I got to read down below and get the rest of the story. I hope they got you all straightened out and you are feeling better. :) Love, Kelly

Paula said...

Hope you get to go back there as a tourist when they get you all fixed up. You work too hard.