Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wish I could say my head ache were also fading, just fading would be alright, be good. Slept good all last night as I have every night. It is rare the night a headache wakes me. Although, with no hope I’d feel better today, my headache was back upon me this morning my only sitting up.
My last (take Only) pain medication is gone evening last. This morning I’m back on the basic as I need it Tylenol. To take my mind off my upper most insistent companion I’ve taken up worrying; whatever will happen to the rural Pakistani poppy economy my forced to go Opiate medication free for awhile. It is so sad when the basic economy of a people must depend on the evils of other peoples sins rather than on the production of food stuffs to feed themselves.
While I’m worrying about opiate laced Tylenols just getting off one will I go through a period of drug withdrawal? Will it be an emotional roller coaster ride? Is it possible I may actually walk the walls rather than climbing them? I’ve so many questions I wonder if I’m capable to remain lucid enough to understand the answers when they reveal themselves? Oh, in misery is me!
From out the door the day’s headache hadn’t gone away. Just as the pain in my lower back-pain follows me every where I go I wonder now if this cussed headache is going to on ahead of me all the last of my days. For something different to do with myself today I found myself reaching into a chest or back pocket a couple three times realizing I was going for anything. I was just doing it.
Frieda harped at me until I had given and called U of M Hospital. Got bit of a run-around. Their saying they’d start my paper work, today a she tells me its up to me to start my own paper work. I got the feeling I have to either bug or push until I’m received as being ill or serious. I don’t know? Doc’s closed his practice for the Holidays and I’ll be lucky If I see him back next week. UM demanding he fax all my records. The ones in my hand aren’t good enough. Hey?
If anything happens to me before they get to me, I’m going to go in there standing up dead complaining about there negligence. (grr)
Two biggies today. While I was still feeling like crap as I stepped out my door, heading right out the drive, I saw Handy needed a ride by all the merchandise he’d made and piled in his driveway for delivery. I stopped we loaded and where on our way. Making his delivery, he collecting his payment for his works, I took him to the drugstore his family’s prescriptions.
Getting back home having done enough sitting my head felt some better. Had lunch for it were time. Then spent afternoon cutting last of the mulberry into fire box lengthed pieces. Piled the brush and using Cushman brought up what wood I could handle until another day and some splitting. The timing was impeccable, my noggin’s antic were coming a half hour before sundown. Close enough I needed Tylenol. BGKC.


Donna said...

Man, what a bummer. I can't STAND a headache, and I only have them if I'm running a fever. I can't imagine having a headache all the time. Idiot doctors need to find a cause!

If you're taking Tylenol 3, be sure to have laxatives on hand. Because they (and most strong pain-killers) cause extreme constipation.

Seems like the medical world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Paula said...

That is very unfair what they are doing to you or I should say not doing. The medical community stinks now days. Hope they get to you soon.