Thursday, December 11, 2008

congrates Texas

I honestly can't imagine a winter season without snow. Just don't seem natural someway.
Congratulation's Texas. Live it up and enjoy.
{:D Whoopee {:D I'd certainly like to send you guy's some more snow via express airmail free delivery.
Shop time I might have screwed something up. No info in the big Green JD book of instructions for removal of bell housing’s cross shaft clutch forks removal, I tried as per poorly written instruction. What I had taken for granted a solid shaft, it appears to be a thin hollow tubing. Now think I need some sort of shouldered stop for either pushing with big freaking hammer and/or possibly drilled and tapped fro pulling?
I canned fuel to late to fuel the gas Ollie. But the stuff is standing by. Managed to load Cushman anxious to serve its driven master. It’s baked up to front deck for carrying in yet this evening.
Headache so bad this AM I took myself to Doc for more ideas. Along with treating the headache, I suggested maybe I was suffering restricted sinus passages, as I had had four days dripping/running nosed relief. He loaded me down with some samples I’m required to report back on. He’s made an appointment for my seeing the neurologist again tomorrow. I’ve got to remember to straighten this second doctor out on his ridiculous idea my need for physical therapy and a nurse. I may put up with a nurse who’s already seeing Frieda. A gal who knows how to telephone Frieda (her patient) in advance and how to knock a knock on a country door.
A couple more sips of wine and I’m plainly plum tuckered out. So, from Shorthorn country as it is. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Okay send me a snow ball. My daughters got it we didn't. Oh they said there was some flurries in san antonio but it could have been little pieces of cotton floating down from a window and the news media would call it snow. lol