Thursday, December 25, 2008

Speak of Stockings….

Speaking of Stockings hung by the chimney with care. I remember one particular Christmas some years into or marriage, my season’s work had been long and heavy. Might say as a couple things had become to hectic, free time had been to often to short, The romance in our lives had started to wane, that now and then suggestive attention of either one of us upon the other had dropped off. Christmas Eve I had conceived a devilish idear.
My suffering the abuses of un-experienced little pleasures, I had to suggest some of that old spark must be put back into both our lives. Always liking the suggestive approach to these very private sorays preempting the final down and gritty nasties, I sneakily found my way into one off Frieda’s drawers and looked for a single odd element.
Watching the two older veteran children hanging their stocking on the mantle piece with such careful care rechecking them as being just right so they’d surely be noticed and filled, I had to impatiently with hold my wanton turn at the mantle piece until all the children were represented. Holding a younger child in my arm I made a good tidings fuss hanging his stocking beside the others while talking about Santa’s sleepy time visit. And explaining the to old siblings the putting out cookies and milk for Santa. The children’s excitement, these were moments a parent has to be there, so much life and vitality, so late at night before they’re tucked in to recharge their spirits.
Even letting the baby watch I let the children watch daddy hang his stocking amongst the others, as witness’s. There was some discussion, “Daddy’s stocking is bigger?” talk. Mommy had to look.
Yup, a look, and mommy say’s, “I better not find anybody else but myself in that stocking.”
(Ho Ho Ho) Now that just might have been my original intention. Moments later I was telling the “The Night Before Christmas” story. Then it was off to bed for them, all tucked in tight. And at last I had a few moments to relax knowing Santa had his up coming duty to do. And, Mommy? She was most likely busily last minute digging contraband for our the Christmas tree.
About the time I figured the children to be fast asleep, their mother made a visions scantily dressed Santa’s helper diversion entrance. It's a wonder Santa managed to make his rounds. With a finger beside her nose, waggling it sideways, was speaking the waved fingers meaning. “Uh uh! Not until Santa‘s filled all the stocking with care.” Oh what a delectable Santa’s helper she’d made. However did she expect me to do things what needed doing first under such hand’s off working conditions.
If this was one of Santa’s benefiting stops anywhere else I could have been jealous his working conditions, But then the old guy only got out one night a year, it wasn't going to be here.
The curtains drawn, a couple logs thrown on the fire, a couple candles lit, only the Christmas tree lights left burning to see by, the spirit of such an evening had never grown ever so warmly around the collar as that one had. Our retirement shorten, my requiring more than two hours sleep Christmas come morning the children primed were demanding we see what Santa had done. Whatever had been left behind, searching, nothing. Whew! Be it ever so humble there’s nothing like practicing a whole new tradition born before a fire place hearth under a Christmas Tree.
Rising early this AM just as any self respecting child anxious to see Santa had thought appropriate, I found my stocking empty. Not even a lump of coal for the costs of fuel this day and age. It’d have helped keep us warm.
I’ve had hand delivered to me from the great North Pole a very personal gift. A "Gourmet Dog Food Only" bowel with a week's supply of Scooby cookie snack's packed in it.
I wonder from where the big guy come up with this gift idea? I've my work cut out for me getting to the bottom this bowl, only I must dig up some old bones from my memory's backyard, weigh all the facts and comment on this development hopefully in no more than a couple/few days from now.
Chores were easy after a couple cans fueling Ollie gasser. Two bales fresh sudex today. Had breakfast early. After chores daughter come in, had breakfast all over again. Lunch was leftovers. Finished braiding filthy halter lead, put the rest of them in washer then as day moved on, in the drier. Made a couple new halters. Nixed another cord half way though, as a rodent had chewed a third way through it. I poked about E-Net looked into a couple journals new to me. I may go back to one of them, just checking the out come.
I had woke up to what could have been a headache free day? Wrong! One came on me when I just thought about chores. Then I could not remember what meds I had already taken. Between all my other day’s high level exploits I took a couple naps just so‘s the day‘s hours come out even. Second nasty event I unsuccessfully passed the still stinking halters out of the drier by Herr Clink’s nose no less working. She’d caught me again. Insisting they had to be fixed she had finally relented. Sure lucky my good looks helps me convince her my intentions are always true and above board. BGKC.

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Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh that sounds like a Christmas too remember! Now you just get dog bisquits!