Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday’s BS extras {:^)

Woke having had a good sleep. My story accelerating much to fast I’ve had to leave some out. And thinking maybe I’ll write the missing pieces to fill in the betweens this coming approach to this years end and add them later. And then there’s all the nasty elements of a long lasting married life I’ve happily suffered what needs equal writing about?
Now talking catch ups of things unwritten, I’ve been laxt keeping up with my cyber neighbors: Gosh something how we change and change again. A misery party’s putting up a once live tree again this year after a mild form of Christmas humbug. I know “humbug’ is the wong word but then this tree was USA grown and cutoff US roots grown in US soil. But unless this tree looks back at you with slanted needles it’s no wong tree import. (grin)
I reads everything’s dead in one Tezas community with the exception one retarded….oops….retired(?) cattleman’s imaginative nose. (insert laugh here) If it weren’t for the furniture’s turnovers and bottled essences in the waist room, the poor man would have nothing to blame his I’ll feelings on. (same inserted laugh renewed).
The “as the world turns” mystery program is reported still on a continuing financial hiatus.
So busy with my Shorthorn country needs I ‘ve most fortunately missed enough priceless coffee stops at Loopy Acres to more importantly miss the mistress’s wrath over the miserable tricks Mother Nature’s been playing on this poor soul’s life’s changes. (frown)
Quoting KC, “I just want things to be in order when Christmas rolls around and we have all our family and friends over for Christmas dinner.” Oh my, I’m flabbergasted that you should want me and mine down for Christmas dinner, KC. Now just as soon as I hire a bus and a driver willing to drive it that day, I’ll load up my kids, grand kids and great grand kids, some cousins I haven’t seen in awhile plus a couple neighbors to fill out the bus and be there about 2:00 AM in the morning, Lawd willing. (smiles all around here)
Getting out of the woods, seems a couple long nosed, short legged, long bodied guys showed up in time their adopted home for turkey leftovers. I don’t blame them such a kind and understanding face to greet them, they can’t help themselves. Seems they knew an easy mark when they had seen one. Guest doggie motel in the garage? I wonder if it includes cable TV and surround sound.
Snow coming to the Adirondacks there ’s talk of birds, shopping, colds and two kinds of stuffing. Making it and eating it. And how about having three kind pies. I gotta see one of those. A kind pie as opposed to a nasty pie. Flat on their bottoms how do they get around. Thanksgiving over some brighter Holiday anticipations ahead over surprise packages is growing. May thee all receive something useful if not all that entertaining.
Until Shorthorn country’s BS flows again, this is it for these busy days. BGKC.
Until later today......

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Paula said...

Okay you're forgiven as I see you've been reading our BS too.