Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Through my tears

Through my tears of laughter and pain each canceling the other out giving me a even chance at survival. The pain? I a-woke this morning taking my barest minimums of medications to continue living another day. What I didn’t take was what has become an advanced sidetracking pain medication. Thankful for the laughs the varied daily pains are eased.
For trying to skip the ritualized acetaminophen cookie’s down this AM making my face almost feeling as it it’s hit a Greyhound bus head-on. I know this isn’t so. While what hurts: my forehead, both temples, behind or around my eyes, my cheek bones. My nose spared the head on injury, it could not have been the Greyhound, the nose continues to leak all manner of watered running’s and drippings for a forth consecutive morning.
Just some of my medicine pain reliever’s come from here. So, I dare a couple real ladies who’ve been reading me to look in here, where they are also read for themselves, (snicker snicker) for the written true country ethics. (he he he)
I got most the chores laid upon me this AM for Bro’ was sick enough it’d been unwise for his coming out for what I could in his stead. The worst part of this one of the twins waited till dark to tell me a bale was needed behind the barn. Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful. She couldn’t help me, no one in her household could help me. The problem was by myself having to in and out of the skid-steer a couple three times to dangerously fast to hold the little girls at bat whilst I feed them. The dangerous part is the skid steer is so bloody hard to get in and out of, doing it quickly could cause a man’s accident I rushed, and I didn’t want it to be mine. Secondly, while I’m wrestling the skid steer’s driven antics, sum the little darlings could get by me, and not wanting to round them up and drive them back.
The kids denying me help, Fillis not answering her phone, Handy likely gone off to AA meeting, and at a loss for help, I was so glad to see Sparky was home. Stopping by Loopy acres, darkness falling, he should be in soon. He was and joined me in my need for a bit of gate help.
Uh hum, in addition to this, Sparky had just gotten himself an eight point buck and needed to give the unlucky beast another twenty minutes or so to bleed out some before an approach. Offering my help I was denied. Set aside in my place (sniff), a Loopy son would help dad himself. That’s alright though. Sons and fathers should do things together. I’ll get a look at the buck tomorrow.
And, what’d I do today? I managed to haul the best of the last corn-stover home. It was nice out all day even though there were moments I’d thought my face might have frozen and was waiting to just plainly fall off. That’s just one of them little quirks a northerner enjoys with the passing of the seasons. Getting in a an hour and a half after dark it had been a good day. From my Shorthorn country to your country BGKC.

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