Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fine day for plowing snow.

We’ve more than enough snow for everybody in Michigan to play in; and, we played in ours today.
The little Ford’s steering frozen I couldn’t use it for plowing my snow. This fact had me in Bro’s yard early on. Motive? His skid steer had a snow blowing attachment. I help him get it hooked on, hooked up, after he cleans his drive he could also do mine.
While we were hair drying the varied hydraulic fittings and electrical connections for going together, the county plow truck came racing by and plowed Bro’s mailbox some thirty feet of the road side. So while I fixed it Bro’ blew out my drive. And, before the afternoon was over we’d have one scare and one good laugh.
The scare came when Bro’ saw what he thought was oil tracks on the snow leaking out from under the JCB loader. A near frantic call, it sounded like, I was on the road. (smiles) there were leaks from under the machine alright. Running the JCB most the day, the loader well warmed had been melting snow from off all over the machine, sums of the melted snow’s a-wash down through the engine compartment giving the warmed sides and floors bit a good rinsing spilled out dirty grays dripping water’s. The machine was doing fine.
Later, four drives cleared, Bro’s mailbox ready for re-hanging we joined forces to re-mount the mail box. Doing this a neighbor pulled up along side us, “Fixing the mail box are ya….?” A redundant question if I ever heard one. “….got your mailbox knocked off by a dirty bastard did ya!“ This opening one sided conversation near cracked me up. (ha ha ho ho he he) This neighbor works for the county road commission and likely drove a plow truck all day!-????, my doubting he had gotten this one. He had really stopped to tell Bro’, “Call the road commission and they’d replace the mail box for free.” I was glad when some traffic appeared, relieving my teary eyed laughter. Snow moved, an impromptu smashed mail box repaired, meeting our goals before dark I got home in a timely manner. BGKC.

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