Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Censored This

That’s right, I censored this journal entry. I wrote it, read it. edited it, and reread it. Found it so depressing it depressed me. So, instead I’m going to write down this day’s happier thoughts and doings. Take for instance my doing my chores. The ladies of course were all happy to see me and welcome me into their pasture. It was like they expected me. There was even some hands on contact between some of us. Why they even managed to make me feel warm allover. Their meal set before them the rim of the dinner table bellied in front of each and every one, not wanting to hang around, so to speak, I wiggled my way through the multitudes sorely and sadly leaving all their warmth behind.
Getting in just ahead of Susan‘s visit, she had finally made it to our house for the belatedly gift exchanging part of the holiday season. Coming here she personally delivered her homemade soft fudge, and remembering me, I was the recipient the tripled batch toothless/gum smushing chocolate delight or delights. Three batches full before she’d gotten the forth one right??? The gift given Susan, by my keen suspicion was a re-gifted set of bed sheets (sniff, tear filled eyes). These I’d given my bride for Christmas. I’m sorry I’d asked how she had liked them, and she told me they were a cold gift. Humph! Diamonds are colder.
Experiencing some bouts of discomfort between the ears I wrote some today of things other than journal related entries in my extra private memoirs. Plus, did some research cross the net about farm crops, machinery parts, and _____________.*
For afternoon activities I napped preparing myself for tonight’s fun filled frolicking bringing in the new year. Both of us will likely be in bed and asleep before nine. This will be so much easier than having to report it for everyone else having slept through the event also.
Ate supper and got into the dark chocolate soft stuff from Susan for dessert. Nothing on TV I busied myself on the net and my stories. BGKC.

*(whenever one of these blanked word spaces shows up, I’d just forgotten the word what I had in my mind I had thought belonged there) (honest injun)


Paula said...

And I thought I had those blanks figured out. That was nice of Susan to bring you soft chocolate.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Happy New Year, Fern and Frieda!