Friday, December 12, 2008

A-make-Up Storiee

An afternoon happening some time ago Frieda and I had driven into the city, an hour drive each way.
I had asked the dentist, "Can you pull a tooth quickly? I'm already running late! We’ve got a barn full of cows what’ll be ready for milking in an hour, our needing to get right back. I don't have time to wait for anesthetic to take effect."
His looking me up and down I figured the dentist likely thought, "This is one brave man, asking to have a tooth pulled without anesthetic."
The dentist asked me, "Which tooth is it, sir?"
The immediate extraction looking promising I turned to Frieda, and said, "Open extra wide, Dear, and show him your tooth!"
Well! I had promised make-up stories!
Betty Page has died aged 86 years:
Do I remember Betty Page? Right after basic recess s3x education 101 discussions. Her required anatomy’s study was taken up in the center sections of the barber shops a-natural periodicals. Now, there was geography and landscaping enlightenment rivaling the National Geographic. Did I remember Betty Page? I’ll let my reader decide.
Having a tire to fix I wrestled that cold rubber off it’s rim. Checking new old tire it’s old enough it needs an inner-tube.
Deciding it was time I do something about protecting the bale wrapper’s engine I sought out some plastic to cover engine. I gave starting rope a pull, gladly finding the engine free. I also covered the bale wrap plastic in place rather than taking them off the machine, and secured their coverings with sisal twine. When I thought I was all done I remembered I hadn’t tied the engine plastic down let alone tied tightly.
Getting late aving postponed Lunch so’s I had something’s done to show for the day I took a late lunch. Getting into house hitting the warmth of the wood stove I found me feet had gotten cold. Before lunching, I took my leather boots off. And independently put both boots and feet to the fire’s warmth. A wee bit latter neighbor friend Juan came by to take me to my neurologist doctor clear over the extreme other side of Flint. Starting out with more than enough time to get there, I managed to mess up the last block or two in the trip’s vicinity. Having gotten confused over the location his office and its appearance, we thought we’d have to encircle the block more than once until the Indian had surrendered.
This about covers it for today’s Shorthorn country adventures. BGKC.

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