Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weren’t no do daugh day

Braving the elements for the chores I must do…………. I’d found a whole host of problems to continue my right on facing the elements throughout this day. Trying the 951 Ford’s steering it had thawed out. I must be greased it to day to make fix a waterlogged spindle so‘s it don‘t freeze un-movably tight again. Hardest part this fix was my having had to hand pack a grease gun I couldn‘t refill by machine. (growl)
Saving the best for next to last (if I should happen to have time left over) I have to cut up an ill tempered mulberry tree up and off a barnyard fence it had been disrespectfully fallen on when I wasn’t looking. Then doing it before our winds. Now, getting my chainsaw back; I hopes, that’s two hopes, one each, I got’s gas and oil.
Lunch: Beef pot pie with extra butter beans along side nicely filled me to the gunnels with the energy I’d need waste that tree. Down to the barn I found the fuel mix and bar oil I had worried about earlier. Whew! The truck loaded I headed out. On the tree site I couldn’t start saw. Three consecutive failures, my arm giving out, I needed assistance. Seing Handy with my troubles, he managed to start the little saw for me neither one of us knowing how to choke it until after the saw was running. Letting saw run for a few to warm up it was saw more then readily eager to be little that troublesome tree just for the heck of it for me.
Quarter of sundown, what wood the little saw had cut up and the same said tree’s trash it had strewn all over ground, both had more than kept me busy with clean-up after the both of them all the afternoon. I was drawing near on the last my energy knowing any reserves I might have had also proportionally escaped me over the course of the afternoon
cleaning up over the mess the saw both had testid me my strength. Knowing when I’m with the feeling of an advancing
Headache, Ugly and I abandoned the site putting the tools up for the night down in the barn.
Looking back over the afternoon not one intelligible person had stopped by to offer pitching in with a hand nor even to just plain enjoin me in palaver. That is excepting one extraordinarily heavy lady who had come by my work site to check out the lay of the land, so to speak. I knew something might be up when she stared at the downed fence between her and the hay-yard. About then I thought it prudent to approach her. I was of no mind to be bothered discussing priority property rights. I simply wasn’t going let her go think she could go anywhere a place may look open. If this old lady should happen to walk into the hay-yard, it could be counted upon every big lady around my home would be joining together in there.
Now for something personally scary:
Its common knowledge I’ve been having headaches. Often time I’ve experience mini mull lack outs, mini mull blindness, mini mull absence of mind. Extremely short mini memory lapses.
Joining these personal maladies I’ve taken difficulty speaking knowing what I want to say, only unable to say the words. How about my loss of vocabulary. Add this to the speaking words problem its become humiliatingly __________. Today, working out and about doing something, fixing something, whatever something. I had to have wrench to tighten a packing nut on a grease gun. Therefore I had to go to my high rising floor model set of stacked tool chests. It was stood in the same place for the last 15 years, with all my tools in the same assigned drawers of the same 15 years. Top of chest Socket sets handles, ratchets and drives. Second drawer down top chest, SAE wrenches, bottom drawer top chest, hammers, top drawer second chest measuring device, micrometers, rulers, dividers, feeler gauges, etc.. Bottom drawer bottom chest, drill bits, tap and die sets, other related tools. In other words “a place for everything, everything in its place.” When I walked there, there standing in front of my tool box, I had remembered fine I wanted the wrench, almost something entirely new to my mind lately, with exception this time I didn’t know where I kept my wrench, which drawer, which part of the assembled chests?
I’ve still not been called to be informed my UM hospital appointment. I’m thinking I might better call UM tomorrow. May write all this, what’s been happening, down. These may be signs I’m going nuts or already there, Alzheimer, or just plainly old timer’s disease? Laughs over with………..
Just wondering if any these areas of severest lightening pain strikes might help point to the brain lobe what maybe an influencing clue to an abnormal condition? Plus add the frightening tricks my mind has been playing(?) on me. Do these tricks come from the same brain lobes? BGKC.


Donna said...

You've been scaring me for quite some time with these symptoms, but this is the worst. Fernan, I feel so bad for you, because I know how I'd feel if it was me having those symptoms. Danged ole doctors, why don't they try to get to the bottom of this?

Paula said...

Yes please call them tomorrow and tell them all this. we want you to be well.