Sunday, December 21, 2008

I’m Still Learning

Thanks to TB for the reading assignment. To show you my appreciation, Professor. I’m writing two short-short home work* paragraphs for your unspoken assignment this morning.
(1). “Breeds of Livestock” is a most interesting read. A site I shall bookmark.
(2). Early cattle served a triple-purpose. They provided meat, milk and labor to their owners.
*I’ve written more on this subject in the journal.
What I find most interesting is how many breeds of cattle were bred, in Great Brittan, that travel and increase there numbers in service around the world. I had surmised and told the kids visiting the farm, from time to time, Treat the animals well as you’re a servant too them; AND, in return they’ll serve you better than you have ever imagined. They’ve given the milk you’ve drank, the butter you spread on your bread. The chess on your Micky-D’s burger. Most importantly they must be treated well for what we take away from them; their meat and sausages to feed us and your brain, leather for your shoes, hooves’ for gelatins and glues.
Hi Donna:
It’s an originally badged 1850 Cockshutt. Serial number plate missing. Figure dealer chiseled plate and repainted tractor so it’d sell easier (American). Near I can tell, (from similar 1850 gasser) I’m guessing its either a 1964 or 1965. It has 354 Perkins diesel engine, 540/100 rpm PTO, and two speed Over-Under. 34” standard rims and tired drivers. The step’s are a copy the first set I had made for the gasser when I had slipped off that tractor and unknowingly knocked two bone chips off top my left knee tibia.
Brother was in hospital then for several months having gotten caught in forage chopper loosing a leg to it. Myself becoming busier at the time, I had so much to do here, I simply ignored my pain taking care of farm, crops, animals and adding 1000 sq ft handicap friendly addition to his home (90%) by myself. That was also at a time when I had found and enlisted the aid of several volunteers who’d asked nothing in return. I still share a piece of beef with them now’n’then and started granting these guys the exclusive hunting rights over the farm lands. I call them our hunting club ever since then their saving me the best sitting place every opening day. (smiles) This 1850 was new to us after that horrific accident.
Oh, we now have five 1850’s total, supposedly standing ready and available to make my work easier. LOL. last purchase has needed TLC for last two crop seasons. Each one of them, in their turn has been getting mechanically rebuilt. Sleeper’s original price wise, easy economical overnight parts availability make them easy to own and work on. Another year or two they should all be calcified as reliable as new. (smiles) I can’t imagine a better tractor new or old, for a couple handicrappers‘.
Hi Paula:
Okay, now you’ve done it! This tale starts with the following….
Oh Lawd. I a-woke this AM, in the middle of a most deliciously naughty dream (a man thing), without any physical need synonymous with one of us oldster's bladder needs. I swear every once in awhile you're as evil as my What's Her Name. Now I've got to write it. Humbug! LMHO
Your servant
……..Now, for the rest of the story.
It has come to pass I don’t necessarily wake up easy. This AM along with my waking dream going together like a horse harnessed to a white winter’s cutter.
My dream so vivid in my mind I opened one eye at a time to see if it were real. The household sounds told me it weren’t real no matter how vivid. Just the same I wasn’t going to tempt fate if I might have part of this morning’s waking wrong.
Opening one eye, everything was an unreal blur. So unreal, it was truth. I had opened the wrong near blind eye first. Just the same it was to good a dream to just let it slip away as if it were an invisible thought about to let have me drift away on any gentle breeze.
What was I dreaming? A very pleasant day of old taking place in house built by two who’d made it a home. At the time, the morning light was teasing the edges of the shade covering the bedroom window just a trying real hard to get in, but it was enough light to bedazzle my eye lived upon that waking day so many tears ago. Before me laid upon a sister pillow a face I marvel looking at for all those first years our growing family. It was a resting face giving me no trouble in that Sunday’s morning’s light. An easy face to look at, and it was beside mine. Lovely to look at her eye lashes lazily laid upon her cheeks. Such piece and quiet, tranquility, and oh so such a temptation I could not leave alone, for as the song had said, “She had kisses sweeter than wine.” I write anymore I've cheated some imaginations. LOL
Farming today, with the exception of taking care the animals, I took the day off. The grain what didn’t get ground today I haavvveeee to do tomorrow. That about covers my Shorthorn country day unless ya wants an open mouthed picture of me napping? At chance! BGKC.


Paula said...

we're getting to wear some winter clothes today. What do ya want to bet it will be 70 or 80 here next week?

Donna said...

Thanks Fern. When Cliff wakes up I'll let him read about the tractor. He loves Olivers, but his favorites are the '55 series for some reason.

Donna said...

Cliff loved all the info, and he agrees it's hard to find a tractor equal to those old Olivers. His favorites are of the '55 (1655, 1855) persuasion, but he likes them all.