Monday, December 22, 2008

I can't wait for Mel to see this

Snow’s snow job’s
Well Mel! I know you did your best trying to hold back all that winter wonderland weather we‘ve received on our side of the mountains‘. Suspicious something counter productive your brave efforts has been going on, and I went in search of an additional influencing cause.
Ah ha! Traveling west I thought I had spotted an offender. Confronting the individual I spared all small talk’s gossiping and went straight for the truth. “Hey Lady, have you been out to the reservation doing one of the tribe’s bone chilling rain dances?” Oh my Lawd! She blatantly answered my question with an on the scene live demonstration, enlivening the spirits to send even more snow and wind, from the safety of her motor stable’s apron.
While dancing waving her arms and legs in what first looked like wild abandon, she had an interesting generations’ handed down routine. Gathering around her, braves were preparing to turn out in numbers in helpful responses to assist a stuck or stranded motored equipment operator down the road
My on time arrival I headed them off. The road had been cleared by an Ugly apparition thought seen slipping through the day's white out. The she-dancer, her braves, and guest (sniff, my daughter), their combined rescuing adventures were no longer needed. The loopy additional weather making culprit having out done herself sneakily invited the small contingent of public viewer’s (Me) in to her tribe’s common house for coffee and candy. Carefully distracting me what I had seen, she likely thought she had gotten me sweetened enough to either disbelieve or forget. I admit I enjoyed her priceless coffee, but I haven’t forgotten.
My word, what lengths some people go to for blowing snow?

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Kelly said...

Hey Fern, just stopping in to see the snow there. ;) I was watching the weather channel and saw you were getting some of the white stuff. I been gone for days again, but I caught up on your entries today. The snow is beautiful. I guess if its got to be cold, it might as well be pretty too. :) Love, Kelly