Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas Swag

If others are going to list, show off, and other wise brag over their swags it wont take me long to list all mine: one “Gourmet Dog Food Only” dish, and apply filled with “Scooby snacks.” So, I’m telling everybody now, if you don’t want to get growled at or worse stay away from my dish! (grrr!) It’s mine!
The new Dog in the Dell

What’ll I get next year? A mat, collar and leash?
The bad old Dog in the Dell

Christmas day’s post journal update.
After I had closed down my ‘puter terminal last night a whole number of children’s and grand children’s called their parent’s, grand parents, us. It was a good hearing from the half of them what called. Even if they hadn’t made the trips to see us. For bonus, even heard form one Great Grandchild. Both of us had happily jabbered our hearts out at each other until we had no more jabber to say. Now that ain’t all bad. Best gift we pulled out of the mail box was a picture CD of grandsons. Oh Lawd, how they’ve grown.
I didn’t get a darned thing done today with the exception of developing a guilty conscience. Somebody passing info along had said somebody’d be here in an hour to drive me to a town. Only that certain somebody didn’t stipulate which hour that’d be. Curses! St least yesterday I had taken two needed accountable naps, without feeling the least bit sorry about it.

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Ron said...

There's not a tree on the farm that will be safe from you now that you're into doggy treats....

Merry Christmas.