Saturday, December 6, 2008

Only 2 more days

My telling Bob about Karen’s behavior, he telling me to keep it to myself. Dolby would never had believed me anyway. It’d likely push him in to doing something even stupider.
Some days later double dating with Dolby and Karen, using my automobile we all went to a drive in movie. It was time for sweet revenge no mater how trivial. Being it was dark save for only the light reflected off the theater screen. (paint me a devilish smile across my face) The little boy in me had to do it.
My right arm around my favorite girl, my left arm’s hand free, I started slowly counting Frieda’s ribs. What‘d I get? I got a “Stop that!“ with an included little wiggle. Oh yes, Frieda was responsive. A moment or more passed and I moved my fingers up her ribs and finding the right place. With my first index finger I started drilling between two those ribs. I got a, “Stop that!” this time. As with the first two intrusions her fingered ribs I remained quiet. It weren’t time yet. For now let Frieda and somebody else know something good was going on in the front seat.
My right hand steadying Frieda’s frame with my right hand two left handed fingers started creeping up her ribs this time I did a bit of light pinchy-pinchy getting a lightly wiggled “Stop that!” Letting her have a moments breath I pinchy pinch her again, getting a, “What do you want?”
To this I answered, “Marry me.” To this I heard some shifting of a body, some advanced breathing from the back seat. While in the front seat I got a “No!”
Undeterred, I knew of a couple really ticklish spots and pursued one, giving it a wiggled finger thrusting. Oh Lawd, did she ever give the stepped up wiggle I wanted. “Stop that! What do I have to do with you?” she shouldn’t have asked me. The windows around once clear a good part of the movie were steaming by this time. “Marry me.” I repeated.
She answered “No?” again.
I whispered in her good left ear, “I’ll keep asking until I get something other than a “No” answer” and, then I let us both rest for a moment. Meanwhile, there was a lot of audible heavy breathing sounds coming to us seated up front. One more moment or so, I thoroughly enjoying the front seat conversation and its repercussions witnessed from the back seat. Having enjoyed those moments I went after the tender flesh of my Frieda’s belly. Ooh she started to double, my right hand steadying her, “Enough!” And I asked, “What you say now?” She came back with, “Maybe.” To wit I asked a relative question, “Is that definite “Maybe?” my finger caressing her body, “Yes! Yes! A definite maybe!” And that poor wench in the back seat would have come over that seat back with a single bound had I asked the marraige questions of her. How very sweet even the smallest revenge may satisfy a single soul, when I had expressed my determined resolve. (grin)
Let me see? Me think’s I started my day with writing some nasties for and about a few my good cyber neighbors. I‘ve often been kindly that-a-way over the years. (grin) Right after that checking my story I have to leave some parts out if I’m to finish the most pertinent parts by Monday. Then go back later and fill in some more of the remaining interesting parts.
As for the rest of this day I’d like to forget a whole lot of it. But that isn’t going to happen. My cardboard tote covered dog house over the manure spreader hitch assembly for the milk house heater worked like a charm. Taking the coverings away the power take off shaft was as free as new and hooked to the tractor’s PTO splendidly.
Then Bro’ asked me to go with him for a load of hay. I thought a good excuse for getting out of work. Yikes, eleven bales at not to bad a price considering recent bounces in farm commodity prices. The roundtrip drive was 30 mph in slush, slip and slide road conditions.
Getting back, coming home for lunch I had to fix it myself. I was not a happy camper.
Getting back to the shop Leland’s Ollie started beautifully considering the weather. Snowing all day we’ve gotten another four to six inches of the stuff with continually dropping temperatures. Engine running I thought I had try engaging the PTO. Dadgumit! The spreaders apron chain broke. I spent the rest of the afternoon wrestling with chains rakers and stubborn uncooperative chain to track alignments. That was right up until I could not stand and walk straight my headache coming back to me for another miserable visit. Come morning, perhaps I’ll see the repair simplified and easier fixing. Oh boy! Am I ever tired this evening and warmed by the welcomed fire into my cold sole after so many ups and downs rolling in the old and new snows around about and under the spreader. I’ll sleep good tonight. BGKC.

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Paula said...

What was the name of that movie? You weren't paying any attention to it were you Fernan?