Saturday, December 27, 2008

12-27-o8 Messes

Very little of any consequence accomplished today. The weather playing cruel jokes has warmed and laid on us lots thunder and lightening storm loaded with warm rain. Farmyard, barnyard, eastern pasture, and our road slicker than a turtle waxed billiard ball, walking up right for every long was near hopeless. While I never went down I had white knuckled held onto anything I was near and I didn’t very far away from nothing. Filly’s promise to take us shopping 1:00 PM yesterday, she had finally made it at 3:00 PM today. Not bad timing, both cosmic events happening within the same century. LOL Kids? Went by bank ATM giving me up some spending money. First stop TSC for boots, socks and gloves. I came out with only fitting boots in store, and price up only 50% over year before last. Next stop was the dreaded K-mart store for adjustment upon Frieda’s non-working electronic scale gift.
By gum, surprising myself even, for the first time in eight/ten years I had actually enjoyed shopping in a K-mart store. They must have heard about my displeasure over their attitudes towards my person my last half dozen shopping trips, which were one whale of a long time ago. My first up was the customer relations counter. I was offered a replacement scale for the one in my hand. Taking the store man up on his offer, I was off to pickup the replacement as well as looking for some new (blush) briefs and socks. Getting directions, I checked out the scales first even with a store associate’s help I thought I had a good reimbursement trade going? Down another I isle asked the same associate if he had seen my wife. Hmm. He confessed he couldn’t help me. As close as I was back near consumers service desk I had thought I’d settle the scale issue while I was so close and get that out of the way.
The scale irreplaceable I was given a store credit for the broken one’s return. While my paper work was transpired another working associate approached the store manager with a peculiar tale about receiving a sweater return the store hadn’t seen for two years. He told her to give he customer her money back. Oh, whoa now, If a two year old transaction could get money return, I immediately whipped my twelve year old Northwood’s shirt, hoisting it high enough for a good view suggesting it should have worn better than the last twelve years I'd been wearing it....the same ragged shirt I had removed earlier coming in the store. The poor clerk who’d brought the odd sweater issue to light, the poor thing doubled over in laughter. The store manager cracked up and had to start my paper work all over again. And, while I re-waited the paper work, I talked to a couple behind my seeking an even trade between the imitation tree he'd admitted mistakenly gotten rather the one the wife wanted. Nowhere to go, I invited him hushed into my office for some man to man counseling, for his admitted wrong in front of his Mrs.‘s,, He'd broken the cardinal rule to never admit to nothing!
The Scale issue up to me as to whether I’d keep the replacement at a higher price or not, I wheeled my shopping cart back into the store traffic busily making Holiday gift swapping for what they either really wanted or could actually use. As near as I previously was to the briefs I got a bit of help from a lady associate this time figuring out the differences between (blush on blush) briefs inconsistent size tags. Two packs socks picked up near by I was on my own again, walking the main isle I looked for my wimmin all four ways every intersection, I accidentally on-purpose found myself in bedding. While I was there, I picked out a flannel bed set sheets and pillow cases. From there I was heading for tools and home improvement departments. A shop-vac I been needing for some time. Crapsome vacuums on the shelves I passed on that implement from K-Mart. Somewhere along my way towards the keys of cost's truth I finally spotted my wimmin. Meeting with them I compared shopping cart duplicates suggesting some things what had to go back. While I was picking the returns the two of them were cleverly bamboozling me out-a another half dozen items they insisted we needed, one of them a candle. A candle, what’d we need a candle for? A half dozen more or less of no longer cozily benefiting over the last fifteen years, I didn’t see any luxurious benefit for trying anything better’an just remembering the old days. BGKC.
PS: Special Note: Today I had actually enjoyed myself shopping a K-Mart store for a first time in years. I felt an important visitor, a welcomed friend to the store. For so many years these K-Mart attitudes of the clerks had been something like I was dirtying their floor, I was even lucky if I were acknowledged, weren't an important person, they were better than I (sometimes even rude), or I was interfering with their time. Behavior sure has either changed or improved upon?


Paula said...

I haven't been in a K-Mart store in years. The one closest to us closed years ago.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Glad you had a good visit to K-mart. The closest one to me is 20 miles away, can pick north or south to travel to get to one..

Donna said...

I've had bad treatment at K-Mart too. Most of them around here have closed.