Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow’s snow job’s

The line of the week:
Her seeing we been getting the white snow stuff, my quoting the Georgia Peach, “The snow is beautiful. I guess if its got to be cold, it might as well be pretty too.”
A normal less than a two hour grain grinding today took me five hours to complete with Handy’s help, what might have taken my seven hours with out him, and this was with all the principle equipment and other ingredients already here. Planed accomplishments include grain grinding, putting the 554 baler away, and getting me in some more firewood. Simple hey? It might have been if it weren’t for all the bidirectional snow drifts deposited here over night. Biggest problem making it such a long day was the Leland Tractor’s in ability to keep traction for what ever I had asked of it….
The day went something like this. Grain ground, baler put away with 1850 Ollie. Leland uselessly couldn’t negotiate farmyard for lack of traction. Leland was disconnected and barely driven out of way. Same Ollie connected to grinder mixer (GM) for putting GM back into barn. Tractor brought back outside for Winter. Leland put back into barn re-hooked up to GM. Loss of traction was our most time consuming problem all day. It nearly took me a couple hours moving firewood into house. Deadheading Cushman anywhere around the farmyard was near futile. Cushman loaded did fine. Lastly, I tried finding temporary warmth for 951 Ford tractor so’s to thaw front steering assembly out for a water replacement grease job. Spindles actually need new top most seals. There was taking Handy shopping for his helping me. And I warmly found myself back in after nine hours work, an hour past dark.
Hard to believe, wind-chill temperatures below zero all day, my wearing naught but normal summer clothing inside my tux, I still came in sweat soaked sticky clothing. Without the winds we saw yesterday, today was a walk in the park weather day. This was our snow filled fun activities around Shorthorn country today. BGKC.


Shelly said...

That's a lot of work for one day. Hope you have a nice Christmas. Shelly

Kelly said...

If you get to working hard with insulation on your body, you still get hot dont you. I have that problem too. Soon as you let the wind in for a cool breeze you get cold fast though. I know that snow has the wool pulled over my eyes...cause it makes working outside even harder...harder than working in mud? I don't know, you will have to tell me from your experiences. ;) XOXO Kelly

Fernan said...

Check you e-mail Shelly.

Secondly I trust you can interject your name where it appropriately belongs.