Friday, December 5, 2008

Just 3 more days

It was along about the last of July or early August Dolby’s heavy girl friend (well, I thought them a heavily dating item) approached me. Dolby was Bob’s adopted brother (by kin). Bob was my current buddy who owned the red convertible. The girlfriend’s name Karen.
I’m going to suppose Karen had caught me without Frieda on my arm, after Frieda an I had quarreled, only Karen likely didn’t know this, or did she? Any way my not interested, the conversation had been worked around my Frieda and I’s relationship. Karen had somehow gotten around to wanting to share some important facts about Frieda I may not have noticed or other wise knew?
Somewhere within part of what I thought was going to be or ordinary conversation she had brought op, “Have you noticed Frieda’s marked for life?”
Flabbergasted at this announcement coming from this one I had taken for granted was one of Frieda’s good friend’s. Preoccupied my thinking about Frieda interrupted, jarred to reality looking at Karen unbelieving manner, I spoke, “Why no,” I answered suspiciously wondering just what she was getting at? “I must have missed it”
“Her upper lip’s scar.” she informed and asked, “Haven’t you seen it?”
“Why no!” I answered, my vaguely getting an idea what was coming, “My looking into her eyes. I’ve never noticed her lip.”
Obviously, she needed to tell me more; adding, “She’s never finished High School.”
“I don’t know if that’s all that important.” I countered, “She’s gone to Beauty Collage. She‘d had to be smart enough for that,”
Karen showing some frustration with my blasé attitude, had saved for last her coo-day-graugh. “She’s adopted.”
“No kidding.” I answered this with a tone of enlightenment, “Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. She must have been a very special little girl for a couple who’d had so much extra love in their hearts to share, to want her, to shower all that love on her. Wow!”
That was the end of that, or was it?
Shorthorn country caught up in a stalled low pressure snow filled system over our heads is making outdoor work very interesting these days. Temperatures in the low twenties is better than down around a zero. So, meanwhile, I’ll simply enjoy what we’ve got, a-while we’ve got it.
Handy making an early call had downed a small button buck on this muzzle firearm’s season. This makes his third kill for the season. Sort of makes up for some of them dry years he finished the hunting season empty handed. So good his hunt this year he’s even bagged a tom turkey.
The ‘Leland’ Ollie refusing to start ,after its block heater was plugged in for a couple hours, required a battery boost. The PTO change over was clean enough. Trying to hook up the manure spreader to the Ollie impossible today. Rigging a milk house heater under the PTO shaft for the night housed under six pieces 4’X5’ cardboard to hold a heater house shape over the spreader tongue I covered that with a tote bag. I should have a free PTO shaft come morning for hook up.
I checked on Chip for the first time today since his reversed colon surgery. He seemed to be doing alright worrying only over the slow healing the once temporary outlet in his belly. First guy I’ve ever seen with a staples near his naval who wasn’t a women’s centerfold spread. (he he he) But, unlike Joe Nanmuth, Chip has never been into panty hose. (ka chuckle, ka chuckle)
Getting home I managed to haul one Cushman load firewood up and into the house roughly finishing an hour and a half after sundown. Then I just hated coming in having to face the heat of the woodstove’s output. Didn’t know if I could holdout staying awake long enough to properly fall asleep face first in my supper?
Biggest Shorthorn country accomplishment today…? Not once did I do a density check the snow, packed snow or ice, nor the earth beneath it all. How’s that for one proud totally upright country gentleman’s day ?! BGKC.


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Oh wow its getting juicier and jucier.

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thanks for the update on chip
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