Thursday, December 4, 2008

Four mo days

My dating’s past behind me, so to speak, free of any encumbrances to come between an assumed gonna be bumpy relationship. The speed bumps were literally roughly administered by her family’s standards. My family was still with holding any opinions one way or another as to the current developments. But be assured whatever I should have to decide, my family would be right beside me and whomever I should choose for a mate.
Shortly after the forth I wanted to present the rings to Frieda stipulating she needn’t make any commitment she’d be uncomfortable with. This was a serious step that had to accepted with an open mind, heart and hands. So, for the next few weeks every free evening night after night we discussed marriage rolls: career’s, finances, working hours, parenthood and related family issues. As a tradesman I’d likely work the longer easy Summer living hours saving the coin for Winter’s leaner living. As for raising children, I didn’t want to be sixty-five years old attending my last child’s high school graduation. I’d liked the idea of four boys, she’d liked that number in girls. Compromising we’d settle upon whatever we had in child numbers within a ten year period, that’d be our family. If a discipline issue were to ever come up, she’d have to handle it immediately. I didn’t want to hear of any phrases liking, “Wait until your father get’s home!” bunk. We compromised; Frieda would discipline during my work days, I would discipline weeknights and week ends. We had come to agreement and compromise over a great many issues.
During these blissful romantic courting days with exceptions we had three knock-down/drag-out quarrels. One over a couple comments I had made about her Ma. This teeing Frieda off she had basically said, “I can talk and say what I want about my Ma. You can’t.” as this was one category. A second category involved my favorite Miss chastising me a bigoted moment upon my part. I mean we got into these subjects taking in to discussion the freedom of speech, etc. The last quarrel was I‘m sure had been my wanting Frieda to abandon her relationship with her parents, period. This time as ussual all of the previous quarrels she told me to leave, after I had delivered her home, “I don’t want to see you again.” this time even declared more so than the other’s, “Don’t you ever cast a shadow upon my door step again. AND,, here‘s your ring back!!!!” Oddly enough she was so animate the last argument the first night of Labor Day weekend I believed her, the next day I spent washing her right out of my car! Unfortunately she had lost a glittering pair of dingle-dangling pierced ear rings, likely taken off when I had once gotten my teeth entangled in them. My thinking they were valuable, perhaps even an heirloom, I was to go about returning them. Big mistake! I was a free man. A man relieved all manner of a commitment’s responsibilities. “Happy days were here again.”
Labor day evening. I hadn’t seen Frieda for three whole days. Elms and maples making a heavy canopy over her street, the stars couldn’t even be seen. Only light on the block was a street lamp at each end the block. Committed to returning the priceless jewels, parking my car and cutting the lights, I was sitting in near total darkness. No back or front door light on, on her home, evidently only on for my benefit in the recent past. I slowly approached this house yard’s knowing uneven ground was ahead of me. Having crossed the parkway, the side walk, my stepping up on the elevated lawn what modestly climbed toward the house, was nastily hit head by a familiar sized and clean scented body. The body scent of a familiar animal so clean my nose knew her sight unseen. Oh God, she felt and smelled so good fitting in my arms closing/closed about her. She was were she belonged.
The fortresses lights suddenly coming, Ma and Pa were coming through two doors. Armed with determination to keep their daughter safely from me they approach Frieda and, Frieda retreating beside me to my car. Frieda deposited my bounding around the car, Ps had managed to open Frieda’s door. Frieda hanging on for her dear-life held herself to the car.
Ma turned to me her face in my face hollering “whatever,” she was aching for it. Cowardly I ran to the next block, to an aunt’s home and had her call the police. My returning, a cop car was coming around the corners both end the two blocks. A couple flashes of their reds lights, Ma and Pa retreated this time back into their fortress. Driving away, Frieda was unhurt and free; and, I was breathing freedom’s air outside a jail cell for not having decked either the old man or lady for an assault and battery arrest.
Next time, something witchingly different. Frieda’s best friend had tried to enlighten me. Even suggesting a more perfect solution to my impossibly rocky never to work and last a lifetime‘s love life?
What’d I do today? I froze my arse off is what I did! I fueled two tractors, dropped the seeder off the Ford and hand wrestled the Grader or back blade onto the same Ford tractor. Temperatures colder than the inside our deep freeze chest, I brought the tractors and their attached implements home. And, then I had to thaw out every cussed coupling regardless whether it was a hydraulic line or PTO. To drop or park the rotary mower. Manure spreader’s hookup expected tomorrow. The barn needs some serious cleaning. Taking care of some other matter’s, one of them my failure to bring more wood into the house, it were after sun down again my coming in.
Shorthorn country’s looking and feeling crispy cold these days. Has winter set in earlier this year? BGKC.


Paula said...

Oh wow I'm on the edge of my seat.

Donna said...

Certainly was a rocky road, your courtship!