Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What’s left the weekend.

Unable to get a ride off the farm, I'l guess neither one of us needs, wants, nor is going to get anything for Christmas. Alternatively though knowing the grand old elf kind-a gives me a warm feeling really. I'm completely relaxed with not having to worry; about any stinking reindeer crap, rolling, falling off the roof's eves on my head; my either the coming and going from the house.
Up early this morning like some good old days (3 day ago). A headache opiate taken I should be on top of the world. Snow and cold having been cold enough outside to freeze a bull's wanton idea, I’ve gotten out of the daily ideas my usually wanting to go. But as I'm the keeper of the animals vitals I must see to the domestic animals needs.
After that I needs take personal medication inventories and make sure via the back-roads we've got enough rattlers to hold us what’s left through this 5 day weekend.
For some honest heavy farm related work I need to practice some marlin-spike fixing and/or making a few halters.
Weather having been so cold I have become lazily accustomed to holding up in the house. Suggested temps are supposedly rising to the mid thirties. These temps could make the snows a bit sticky/slippery/sliding fun for getting out. And then what if it rains, as if yards, drives, and roads aren’t already hazardous already, I remember days like this, for getting rid of kids sent sledding, when it was ideally welcomed for Santa’s elves’ a bit of extra clandestine freedom to last minute time to prepare for the big guy’s traditional midnight visit. All I’m doing this year is a wave at him as he passes our house by my sneakily enjoying the cookies and milk traditionally left out for the big guy. };^D
Frown one retired Elf

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