Friday, July 3, 2009

weekend’s start

I was out extra early to make up for what I wasn’t going to do in last night’s rain. The hardest part was replacing the receptacle including the box. I had thoughts, as bad as my hands were shaking I wondered if I were ever going to get synchronized enough to put the electrical wires under the screw heads and tightened.
Perseverance winning out help timely arrived immediately after the worst of the assembly was over. But it was nice to finally have company to help the time pass. Tom assisting we took turns with the required steps bolt the fountain down with all its insides sorted and routed as they should for working in harmony. Carefully we tilted and eased the fountain cabinet down over the wiring and plumbing leaving it perched upon the anchor bolts to dress some silicone caulk were the cabinet sides would eventually come to rest. A couple oversized nuts driven down over the replacement studs, all the finishing nuts tighten down we tried the fountain’s operation. It worked. A less than one hour job, with Tom’s help I parleyed that project into almost a three hour pass time.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Fountain fixed, fence working to required specification, I was ready for eating be it a bit early. Getting lunch out of the way I fueled the 1850 Ollie on the rotary conditioner, and went hay mowing. Putting down 26 acres beside Fillis’s little house just down the road. Took three hours, would you believe! Should be dry for baling Monday or Tuesday. We’ve medical appointments both days. Tuesday’s appointments may have got to give. Haying’s haying.
Bro’, Keith, and the 4H kids sorted and moved cattle most of the day without me. I don’t who’s where until I’ve caught enough other tasks to have time for a close look. The bulls are out and romance is surely in the air. Again, when I have the time. BGKC.
My sitting here listening to Frieda and Fillis talk about cold operating rooms, I reasoned, and mentioned, “Likely to reduce patient bleeding.” I was soon corrected. “Germs don’t grow well or reproduce in a cold environment.” I sat corrected and thought about my girls spoken observation. From premise I deduced that was why I had never saw a tall germ.
On Alice, I've looked in a number of times. Her last post was last May???

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